I Am Not Involved in Politricks! “Man Boku Ma Si Politricks!”


By Yusef Taylor, @FlexDan_YT

Gambia’s premier Raptivist Ali Cham aka (Killa Ace) burst into the liberation struggle with immense energy and impact in June 2015 with his critically acclaimed “Ku Boka C Geta G“. Despite being marginalised by the mainstream media and banned by radios “Ku Boka C Geta G” went viral in hours, cementing it’s legendary status in The Gambian music scene. If timing is everything, that couldn’t be more true with it’s release which coincided with the Gambia National Assembly debating and passing the Electoral Amendment Bill. It was in this environment that a socially responsible Raptivist, Killa Ace decided to take a bold stand and use his music to shed light on the corruption and dictatorship plaguing his beloved Gambia, once known as the “Smiling Coast of West Africa”.

His latest track “It’s Politics“, aims to break one of the oldest shackles limiting Gambia’s progress, I’m not into politics “man boku ma si politics”. This common phrase is a manifestation of the challenges which politics presents to all Gambians. It’s a forgone conclusion that African politics is based on exclusion and dominance. This is one reason why most young people are not involved in political activism ultimately creating a problem for political parties who struggle to implement any meaningful succession plans. However pioneering youth movements such as Y’En A Marre have stood up against their governments and demonstrated that you can effect positive change in your community. It’s time that all Gambians realise that politics is an inescapable part of our social and cultural fabric; and determines our collective well-being. It’s either Gambians become more active in shaping our collective well-being or allow the dictatorship to plunge our country into a potential tribal/ religious conflict. How long can Gambians allow Jammeh to take advantage of our docile attitude towards politics? It’s All Politics!

To get latest music releases simply subscribe to his SounCloud page where he has enabled free downloads on some of his heavy hitters. https://soundcloud.com/killaace. You can support one of Gambia’s finest by shopping online for his products at http://shopkillaace.com/collections. To overcome the internet connectivity challenges in The Gambia, Killa Ace continues to go the extra mile by forwarding his tracks to fans who can contact him via his Facebook artist page. https://www.facebook.com/killaace1. Enjoy his latest video below.

Its Politics Freestyle Lyrics By @Killaace1..

Check it man , how I see it is how I tell it man
Wah bu sew b I don’t tal it man/
Ayo we being dumpes treated like mbalit man /
Even 50 knows what they’ve done to many man /
But we really fed up about to taal I jali can /
Let’s get it on with Barack yes we can /
We fed up man with the mindstate of a deciptican/

Choyee nyow c koyn b , holal nu nyor booray /
Melni ay mbalit len , holal nuunyu boobay /
Torahal nyu beat down extra amount of bootay/
Cuz a fiasco nyun nyepaye lupeh/
Teh defuun dara sah wat did we do hay ?/
D stomp dinu , mount ak sen boots ay /
Japa nityee yobu len Janjangburreh /
Yea rey nga sandeng dorr ku pregnant ………../
Hey mister officer not every days a Tuesday /
How you gonna treat your own kind like some poop hay /
Mind what you do day , you gonna meet your doomsday /

Giss nen sheihu Touray ak nyorm Sadam Hussein/
Ay Dafa tigo japa nen comes ak tigo/
Malanding ak yenen pico ba tey munun lena gis no /

Sometimes we act kinda wierd
We hide the facts based on the fact that we kinda scared/
Ken genun ken, we all breathe the same kind of air /
and We jump over each other to make it like solitaire/

When yall say yall don’t get involved in politics i don’t get,/
Especially knowing that politics determine the way we live /
Its politics – nyaka Curran b ak coopay ndoh b/
Its politics- lack of information bu am c goh b /
Its politics- slow Internet buun aweh 3G/
Its politics- full deka bu am bena tv /
…………. it’s politics.
Acknowledge it you part of the politics /

We only feel when we become victims/
How would you feel it if your love ones went missing/
Or your dad was beaten and than sent to prison /
Or your mum’s beaten and than sent to prison/
Put your self in that position /

There’s so much on my mental /
So I calm my mental on a bomb instrumental /
I know that raising awareness levels music is instrumental so my efforts remain monumental /
So respect my word like when your momma sends you /
No disrespect intended no I never ment to /
The same ones you la tatchul and compliment you /
Be the same ones you turn around dila saga tedu /

Musici mak that your mama and Papa deglu /
Its Ali Baba dama yaga degu dipi bu ma dornon sahaba Ak suma nyarri Jasseh yoyu /
Nyaka peheh la rek y Sa fans yee Nafehka yee nyungi lahu d ma deglu /
Laachel Raazine Mbowe suma sound yee dafa lowe beh aga Beirut /
Music buuy eteh kom salatul kairuun /
But ‘’me na no’’ if it’s gonna wake em so I shake em/
Shake em shake em, break em break em and take em take em /
to Jupiter and show them what we facing facing , situations degrading/
They take our people away and , take our sisters and rape them /
take our fathers and slay them / take our mommas enslave them

Its politics – nyaka Curran b ak coopay ndoh b/
Its politics- lack of information bu am c goh b /
Its politics- slow Internet buun aweh 3G/
Its politics- full deka bu am bena tv /


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