About the Development Tracker

The Gainako Development Tracker is an initiative which tracks development promises written and orally declared by elected Gambia Government Officials. Given that the National Development Plan (2018-2021) has now elapsed after it was extended to the end of 2022, the Development Tracker are a set of publications chronicling the achievements of the NDP.


Our collection of publications starts with a look at the Gambia’s Electricity Capacity and Coverage. This was after President Adama Barrow declared that “At the moment the Gambia has enough capacity. We are even shutting down some of our machines because there is sufficient capacity. Nothing more is needed” during his Eid Ul Fitr speech to Banjul Muslim Elders delivered on 2nd May 2022 at State House.


The NDP promised to reduce Unemployment from 29% in 2012 to 20% by the end of 2021. The NDP also promised to reduce Youth Unemployment from 38% in 2012 to 30% by the end of 2021. This publication Fact Checks if the promise to cut down unemployment has been achieved.


On the day the President Adama Barrow delivered his 2022 State of the Nation Address in front of the National Assembly he claimed that the Gambia is the “only country on track to achieving the Paris Agreement temperature goal of 1.5°C by 2050”.

This prompted a Gainako Inquiry to Fact Check if the claims were true, false or misleading.


This publication features President Adama Barrow’s response on the issue of Maternal Mortality since his Government took over. President Barrow claims that “for [maternal] mortality rates, I think people should look at the statistics; it is going down drastically. We look at from 2017 to now, so that means we are doing very well as far as that sector is concerned.”

This publication Fact Checks if President Barrow’s claims are false, true or misleading.


Gainako has been reporting on the implementation of Infrastructure Projects and has reported on progress of series of projects. Our reporters have published live video on the construction of the Kanifing South Road along Iceman, the OIC Projects and numerous other projects in the Gambia.

One of our more recent publication highlights President Adama Barrow’s promise to fix gutters in the City of Banjul, the pumping station and the flood.

Youth and Sports

The Gambia has a youthful population and forms a key outcome for the Gambia’s National Development Plan. One of the key outcomes is the Government’s promise to establish a Youth Development Fund and Entrepreneurship Programme.

This publication unearths the establishment of the million Dalasis National Youth and Sports Development Fund and the Youth Revolving Loan and the Enterprise Development.

One of the key outcomes for Youth Empowerment and Development in the National Development Plan was the need to produce “[a] revised National Youth Policy and Act”. In pursuance of the progress made in meeting this objective our reporter published this article. The report ascertains if the Policy been approved by the Cabinet and the Act Assented to by the President.

Development Promises and Charts

Gambia Has Electricity Capacity

Electricity Access in The Gambia

President Barrow Promises to Fix Banjul Floods

Chart on The Gambia’s Maternal Mortality Rates

Only Gambia On Track: Environment Claim