As a leading investigative medium in the Gambia, our reporters have published high profile investigations revealing corruption and human rights violations in the current Administration of President Adama Barrow. Our publications highlight the Government’s disregard for the rule of law when it demolished a charity’s property against a court order, asset declarations of Presidential Candidates in the December 2021 Elections, the “Scandalous” Vehicles Number Plate contract and much more.

Charity’s Clinic Demolished for US$100 Million OIC Hotel

Gainako’s latest investigation sheds light on a property dispute between the Gambia Government and a Charity Organisation named Global Hearts of Medical Mission (GHOMM).
The investigation features two FactChecks and series of publications highlighting multiple rulings by the Judiciary in granting ownership of the property in question to the Charity.
After a year of following the story the property which was a functioning clinic seized by the previous regime was eventually demolished to make way for the construction of a $100 Million OIC Hotel. Follow Gainako for more on this developing story.

Asset Declarations

In the run up to the 2021 Presidential Elections Gainako’s investigations gave the public a unique insight into the asset declarations of two Presidential Candidates and one Aspirant. Below are links to two more publications on asset declarations.

Scandalous and Iniquitous

Scandalous and Iniquitous is Gainako’s flagship investigation featuring a video investigative report and series of investigative reports which have been published in a booklet. The investigation reveals how Security Officials travelled with Bidders in the Number Plate Project which was eventually awarded to the highest bidder by over D20 million.

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