IEC, NAM and Killa Ace: The power of music against oppression


News roundup 23rd June 2015

By Dbanjulist

If you don’t know yet Killa Ace dropped a Bomb on the day that the National Assembly Members (NAM) were expected to rubber stamp Electoral Reforms and expand the Death Penalty.

Killa Ace is making waves in Gambia with a hot and ultra conscious new track “Ku Boka C Geta B”. The multi talented artist states that “as an Emcee it’s my duty to speak out” and boy did he let rip into the Gambian Dictator on the injustices facing the Gambian society. The track has got a trap influenced beat which captures the urgency of the situation. (Almost like a horror film). If you haven’t heard it yet you will not regret clicking the link below to hear it on soundcloud.

Meanwhile the NAM were expected to debate/rubber stamp two motions today which have been designed to marginalize Opposition Parties economically (and Gambian Voters) and expand the Death Penalty to cover any crime. However breaking news from Banjul indicate that the rubber stamp ceremony will be postponed to June 30th (next week Tuesday). It’s alleged that there was a bitter argument between NAMs themselves on whether to go ahead or drop the two motions. It’s also understood that some NAMs are not in support of the motions which have been handed down by the Gambia’s Independent Electoral Commission (IEC).

The 1st Motion seeks to make a whole raft of electoral reforms which will marginalize the Opposition economically by demanding that Opposition Parties cough up a non refundable D1 Million Dalasis payment and also require an additional payment of D100,000 to register a Presidential Candidate. This represents an unbelievable rise from D10,000 previously. This is one of many financial down payments and raft of changes proposed by the IEC.

The 2nd Motion if accepted will change the death penalty from being applied to drugs and crimes resulting in death as stated in the constitution. Currently the death penalty can only be administered for crimes resulting in death and for the use/trafficking of drugs and any intoxication. However its expected that the death sentence will be applied to any crime. The change will allow anyone who commits a crime, of which the person is found guilty, he/ she can be sentenced to death by a court of Law.

Recently the Opposition have made an attempt to challenge the raft of changes being pushed through by the IEC. The Opposition have claimed that an existing party cannot be subject to such Electoral Reforms having already registered their Party with the IEC in previous elections. Gainako will be keeping a close eye on the NAM and the proposals handed down by the IEC.


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