Will Senegal honor the proper burial of Kukoi Samba Sanyang?


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After the unfortunate death of Kukoi Samba Sanyang Tuesday June 18, 2013 in Mali, his body is still held at the Gabriel Toure hospital mortuary in Bamako. Our reliable source is reporting that consultations are underway with Kukoi’s host in Bamako to arrange for proper burial of the decease. Our source reported that Kukoi’s host is in consultation with the Senegalese embassy in Bamako. The source said “His hosts, through the Senegalese embassy in Bamako have been able to contact his family members (he- Kukoi did tell me he has uncles and aunts in Senegal) in Senegal”.

The source who reportedly met Kukoi after his deportation from Senegal few months ago confirm that Kukoi provided legal documents proving that he was indeed a Senegalese citizen and have been living in Senegal in and out for several years. He reportedly has uncles and aunts in Senegal who could be in a position to accept the decease and properly arrange for his burial.

The question many people are asking is whether Senegal will allow poor kukoi’s body to be returned to his relatives in Senegal for proper burial?. And why was he  deported and or expelled from his alleged country of citizenship Senegal? Did the  Macky Sall government in fact contribute to Kukoi’s unfortunate demise as a result of his expulsion effectively denying him much needed medical treatment that he was receiving in Senegal?

As a largely Muslim country known for its well established religious institutions did Senegal act unethically and recklessly in handling Kukoi’s case allegedly to appease its neighbor President Jammeh who reportedly is uncomfortable in an increasing presence of Gambian dissidents in Senegal? Do Kukoi’s family in Senegal have the legal option to pursue justice against the Senegal Government in violation of his fundamental human rights and dignity not only as a Senegalese citizen but a citizen of an ECOWAS Member state.? Could Amnesty International and other human rights groups equally intervene and pressure the Senegalese government to allow Kukoi’s proper burial in his home country and also explain their rationale in treating him as a criminal without any legal grounds?

If Kukoi’s alleged Senegalese citizenship is indeed accurate and legal, then proper diplomatic protocol and universal human rights dictates that Senegalese Embassy in Mali must take responsibility in allowing the proper arrangement of his burial with his family in Senegal. They must also arrange for payment of expenses related to the transportation of his body back to Senegal. This is the proper and humane thing to do as far as human dignity and universal fundamental human rights is concern.


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