A President without Substance


JammeThe worst thing a person can do to his or her self-esteem and pride is to cross the line of respect and trust others have for him or her without even realising it. Such a person matches on fortified with false hopes that he is still adored and honoured by his family, neighbours and community not knowing that he has become the scorn of society. Jammeh’s image regurgitates in my mind’s eyes that parasitic member of the community who only ushers in shame, anger and regrets in whatever he does and/or says. The contributions of such a good for nothing to societal cohesion and advancement are marred by the galaxy of harm, danger and damage he met out to it. Consequently, when such an individual passes away, society is happily relieved of an enormous burden. Yes, some members of the community will shed a tear or two not out of love for the person neither for missing his valuable contribution to societal growth and development but out of joy, pity and neighbourliness. It is sad to say but this is what Jammeh is to Gambians: a president without substance and good for nothing two face murderer.If Kanilai, as he is fondly known, knows that it is not all that glitters is gold then he would surely have recognised by now that he has long overstayed his welcome as a president. But being the idiot he is he still flirts with smoky dreams that he is the man without balls. Kanilai did you ever in your quiet moments  paused to ask yourself that in all these nineteen years you have been a president have Gambians in their own will and desire did anything for you without you soliciting for it through state apparatus? Let us take for instance those who labour in your farms. Have they for once just appeared out of the blue and say to you, we are here to till your farm for you? Have they? You don’t have to bury your head in the sand for you know that I know for a fact that it has never happened. The so call solidarity matches across the country against the EU’s Article 8 weren’t they also state managed? Jammeh if Gambians truly and sincerely adore you, you will not need to solicit their support. Fools like you think that money and power can buy you love and respect. Please take it from me as a brotherly advice that no amount of wealth or power can buy love or respect. That is precisely why you will never find such precious and rare commodities on any super market shelve.

Similarly, while your critics are denting your personality by writing books and hosting talk shows on the atrocities you committed you are ducking and diving in shame. Why are your loved ones and supporters not responding to such criticisms? What we have seen is you paying some sing song academics who could not find any use for their book knowledge to write unsung tales about you. A leader who is loved by his or her people will not solicit them to defend and protect his or her honour. A learned friend pointed out: “…when men are asked to come forward and explain themselves, they should not hide and lay low and let their chum to do the talking for them.” It is either you have no regard for your self-esteem or you are an empty barrel. I have never heard you defend or refute the allegations levied against you with facts. A president with substance will not only be heard speaking with substance but acting and doing stuffs with substance.

Take a closer look at your brother Macky Sall. While he is leaving no stone unturned in refurbishing and solidifying his nation’s democratic institutions, you are hell bent in eroding yours. Kanilai it does not hurt to be a democrat. All your colleagues are laughing at you. To them and many of us you are nothing but a clown who yells chilling threats to his harmless fellow citizens. Whenever you stand to speak, those around you lower their gaze in shame because of your incoherent ranting. You always consistently contradict yourself by hopping from one theme to another.  One which stood out funnily is when you said: “Do I look like someone who succumbs to human pressure…but when you Gambians ask me to do anything I will do it”. Are you saying that Gambians are not human Kanilai? Furthermore, you contradicted yourself in Wolof: “Perhaps if you had asked me not to carry out the execution, those murdered would not have been killed” but you were quick to add “…even if you have asked I would still have carried out the execution because I had sworn to do so.” Tell me Mr Kanilai honestly who will take you seriously with your bunch of contradictions and lack of substance?

Another factor which demonstrates your lack of substance is your inability to instill the strict observation of the oath of allegiance and secrecy among your cabinet, security forces and civil servants. Both you and I know for a fact that whatever you say or do in camera becomes an open secret minutes after. Suffice it to say even your number two runs her mouth like “super kanja”.  I am certain that this is a clear manifestation that all those in your government are dissatisfied with you and cannot wait to see you butt behind lock and key. Why do you think the Bai Lowes are confession their sins you coerced them to commit? Mr Jammeh it is about time you read the signs on the walls.

Sulayman Jeng, UK


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