Breaking news: Runaway Interior Minister Ousman Sonko Deported to Spain by Swedish Authorities


Ousman Sonko the former Minister of interior has been removed from Sweden and returned to Spain which was his first port of entry into Europe. His asylum application was rejected by the Swedish Immigration authorities. Sonko, one of the most brutal aides to Jammeh’s 22 years of dictatorship in the Gambia ran away from the monster he help created.

Ousman is believed to hold valid visas for Spain and the United States. His Ex wife is resident in Seattle Washington state. He has been rumored to have occasionally sneaked into Seattle to see the young lady.

Sonko’s fate is now hanging in the air as Spanish authorities will have to deal with him should he decides to stay there, he could attempt to run to the United States as well. Gambians in Spain and the USA should be alerted to sensitize the authorities of the danger Ousman Sonko and his likes present to local communities. Gambians in USA can call border entry authorities and alert them of Sonko’s possible entry into the USA. This will effectively put an alert on anybody entering the USA with that name creating a situation where Sonko can be intercepted and refuse entry in the USA. Gambians seeking asylum in various refugee camps are being put on high alert as it is believed that a desperate Sonko can change his identity or not present his papers and attempt to seek asylum at another EU country.

In the meantime, Gainako can authoritatively confirm that Sonko has been removed from Sweden and his asylum application rejected!

Gambians in Sweden has come through on that pledge to make Sonko’s life a living hell in Sweden. They hunted him down, alerted the authorities of the security risk he poses to the community, and the Swedish acted accordingly to diligently trace his steps and return him to his first port of entry into Europe as part of the “Dublin Regulation”

Du Sweden Ousman Sonko!!!


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