Press Statement: GDC Takes Government to task on Current issues



The Gambia Democratic Congress party and its leader Honorable Mamma Kandeh wish to put to task the Government of The Gambia on current and pertinent issues affecting the Gambia and her citizens.

First among the issues is the recent cabinet reshuffle. In as much as section 71 and 72 of the constitution has given the president the powers to appoint and relieve cabinet members of their duties, this should however be done with certain sensitivities in mind such as being gender and competent sensitive.

The portfolio of women affairs is best administered by our highly educated and competent women who constitute over 50% of our population. Currently, there are only two women in cabinet out of 18 ministries, this shows serious setbacks of recent gains in women empowerment and gender equity.

The reshuffle is also a betrayal for those that sacrificed their lives and wealth by appointing ministers from the previous government to your cabinet when you are on record during your first press conference saying you have enough talent and manpower in the coalition to help you run a government that will mirror the new Gambia. Your inconsistency and betrayal of the ideals and aspirations of the New Gambia are so apparent and i will leave it to the Gambian people to judge.

The appointment of Mamburray Njie as finance minister while still lingering in and out of the Janneh Commission is a total disregard to the judicial process. I am urging the government to respect the judicial commission they themselves constituted by recindìng the appointment. We are reminding the government, that there are countless of highly educated and competent Gambians both here and abroad that can serve as Finance Minister.

Additionally however, I am of the view that, the appointment of Ousainou Darboe as Vice President who has unsuccessfully exhausted all legal appeals to clear his record of criminal conviction is unconstitutional. We are not aware of any presidential pardon gazetted in view to notify the general public of his status or an amendment to section 62 clearing for the appointment to cabinet of individuals with record of criminal conviction.

On the issue of security. I and the rest of the Gambian population are being increasingly worried especially after the recent incident in Tanji and Brikama which got the lives of some youngsters sent to their early graves. The reported storming of the Brikama police station by civilians is sliding our country further in the slope of insecurity and lawlessness. The cringeworthy events at the Janneh Commission and the corruption allegations are further eroding the little credibility and confidence Gambians have on the ongoing commission and your anti-corruption drive.

The current and ongoing land and environmental disputes at Sanyang, kartong, Gunjur, Taneneh, Faraba and areas of Niamina, we are calling on the government to swiftly constitute a land commission to solve and avert land disputes emanating from confisication of farm lands used by some families for over several decades. Of recent, The Gambia is experiencing an unprecedented rise in diesel and petrol prices nearing 55 dalasis per liter much higher than our neighbouring countries. There has not been a decrease in the price of rice, oil and potatoes as promised by the Barrow Government during campaign.

In conclusion, i am urging the Government to prioritize the security of our Gambian citizens and residents, address land issues, drop all charges against the Gunjur environmental activist and position the government in fulfilling its purpose and promise to the Gambian people.

Signed Hon Mamma Kandeh


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