A Poem: True Love


A Poem: True Love

Love of the eye, heart, and mind

Travels through paths thick and thin

Traverse like the night lullaby stars

Bright like Africa’s full moon in April

And its day’s beaming sunshine

Floral whorls with their smell of nectar pollens

It is simply beautiful –in love, grateful, natural, and at service.


Love of the eye, heart, and mind

Deep down blood veins like the ocean warmth

Smiley jaws like the queens of the seventh heaven

Mellow, humble, and at service to the beholder

Great strides the life long journey

From dawn to dusk with heavens at nigh

With its symbolic love rhythm nonstop.


Love of the eye, heart, and mind

Awakened by the melodious early cockcrow at dawn

And the mortar pounding of coos at twilight

Peaceful and tranquil like the city of the doves

There her majesty stood with her humble and pride

Saluting its beholder with her warmth and love

With moments of everlasting joy.

By Yero.


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