Opinion: We must commend Ba Tambadou and Mai Fatty for Communicating With Us and Others Must Join The Bandwagon


As humans we are always quick to condemn and judge people when they make mistakes or do the wrong thing but we normally intentionally ignore to commend and show appreciation to people when they do good. Although it is very good to critique and critise our government but what we have been seeing recently on social media and online newspapers about the New Gambia is more of blatant and sometimes baseless criticism than a constructive one. However that is one of the beauty of the democracy that we all fought for.

Effective communication is one of the most important keys to leadership success and in most cases good leaders are good communicators. Communication medium has been made simple recently through technology. The recent boom of social media, WhatsApp, e.t.c. makes it extremely easy and cheap to communicate with others around the world.

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion on social and Gambian online media regarding the appointment of certain individuals in the so-called UNDP funded truth and reconciliation committee. This committee are expected to conduct a study tour of countries that had civil wars and troubling times couple of years ago. I am not going to dwell on the appropriateness of those appointments but rather the good leadership trait and characteristics shown by Ba Tambadou, the current Justice Minister and Attorney General. Hitherto or just a year ago, it will be impossible for any state minister of The Gambia to respond to any claim made by the citizens of the country especially those living in the diaspora; the electric broom would have swept them to his five star hotel know as Mile Two.

The recent move by Ba Tambadou to personally shed light on the aforesaid appointments  raised by a concerned Gambian journalist living abroad is really commendable and promising. This shows how much Ba as a minister relates to what the common’s are saying.

Gambians have the right to critically question all public officials that they are paying with their hard earned money. I understand he was also on Freedom Radio to shed more light on this issue. He was also contacted by Pa Modou Bojang of Gambiankolu Kibaro for an interview and he replied back with a positive message.

This is indeed promising, and the people in power in New Gambia should try and emulate these folks to inform the citizenry accordingly. Although they cannot respond to every tom, dick and harry or even some important and burning issues but they should try and engage the public as much as they can.

Mai Fatty is another minister constantly updating us through his social media post and should also continue to do so. Although there are lot of challenges that the new government faces but seeing such trends always makes me feel that the future looks really bright for New Gambia.

Once again congratulations Ba and keep it up!

Long live Gambia.

Sheriffo Ceesay, U.K


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