OJ Jallow: Enabler Imam Fatty Should Apologize or Stay Quiet


Transcribed by Yusef Taylor, @FlexDan_YT

In a recent interview with the media, the leader of the PPP and Minister for Agriculture, OJ Jallow made a statement addressing the ongoing war of words initiated by Imam Fatty of the Supreme Islamic Council. Imam Fatty is currently leading a fierce campaign through his TV and Radio interviews that the Ahmadiyya Jammat should not be issued a TV License.

“The Constitution states that we have a secular state.  Everybody within the boundary of this country is equal according to our constitution. No religion is more entitled than any religion, it doesn’t matter about the numbers. Ahmadiyyas have the right to worship the way they want to worship. Just like the Muslims the Christians and even Idol worshippers have the right to worship. That’s the law of this country and they are citizens. Upon our death the almighty God will be the judge, we cannot take the place of God.

It’s disrespectful for Imam Fatty, one of the biggest enablers of Yahya Jammeh. When Yahya Jammeh was locking up religious leaders, Imam Karamo, Baba Leigh and many others. He was happy to applaud and follow Yahya Jammeh then. When Jammeh killed 16 children in The Gambia where was Imam Fatty? He said nothing about the jailing of Imams then what business does he have with Ahmadiyya?”

“Ahmadiyya hospital, when people go there nobody asks them if they are Ahmadiya, or Muslims, or Christian? Ahmadiyya School, Nusrat, when people go there nobody asks them if they are Ahmadiya, or Muslims, or Christian? Mansakonko High School and many other public services have been built by the Ahmadiyyas, what has the Supreme Islamic Council done? Have they built any schools, have they built any hospitals?

We all heard Imam Fatty threatening President Adama Barrow that if the Ahmadiyyas are allowed to have a TV Station they (SIC) will start a Political Party. We are watching them. Nobody is more Muslim than us in The Gambia. Islamist fundamentalism ideology needs to be put aside. As a government, we need to be very careful of that.

Mali has seen the worst of it, Boko Haram are in Cameroon now, entering Niger. Recently we heard they are entering Burkina Fasso. We need to be very careful. The public should tell Imam Fatty to stay quiet. If he can’t come and apologise to The Gambian people let him keep quiet. Because he was part of those that destroyed this country. When Jammeh was killing, cheating, lying and all the bad things they said nothing. They are the ones who should speak on behalf of the Gambian people because they have been placed there as people of truth and God.

Ahmadiyyas have the right to have a license and we will make sure they have a license. If they (SIC) want to have a license, let them pursue it, who is stopping them?”


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