NCAC: Local radio and television stations to air 70% Gambian music’s


By Adama Makasuba

The Gambian local television and radio stations are now obliged to air seventy percent Gambian music, movie and theaters. The National Centre for Arts and Culture (NCAC) last week finally put the policy into effect since its introduction in 2003.

The policy came right after the announcement of Ministry of Tourism and Culture last month that it wants to implement a policy that will protect the works of people in the performing arts industry in order for them to benefit from royalties.

Meanwhile, the new policy has been welcomed by Gambians especially those in the performing arts industry. However, the policy will not only serve as a monumental achievement for local based artists, but also a challenge for home based artist to earn the Gambian public’s interest over foreign based artists.

Speaking to Radio Gambia’s ‘this morning show’ on Friday, executive director of NCAC, Hassoum Ceesay said “the policy is meant to empower the local products like music, movie and theaters.” According to Mr Ceesay his office aims to encourage local radio and television stations to habit the culture of promoting Gambian talents.

Speaking on the late implementation of the policy, Mr Ceesay explained this was due to the environment in the performing arts which in his view was so dominant that it was impossible to enforce the policy. Despite the new policy requirement obliged on Gambian radio and television stations-, Mr Ceesay commended them (radio and television stations) for already taken steps towards the 70% requirement.

He urged the radio and television stations to exceed the 70% percent Gambian talent quota to strengthen the performing arts industry. National Centre for Arts and Culture is a Gambian Institution under the Ministry of Tourism and Culture responsible for the country’s performing arts industry and archiving its history.



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