Mathew K. Jallow’s research work in university text and library reference book on Sale


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A new university text and library reference book on Africa titled; Africa: Opposing Viewpoints; is out in paperback and hardcover print. The book, a compilation of the research work of academics, development professionals, and research fellows from around the world, takes a critical look at African development, its challenges and opportunities and argues the future prospects from different viewpoints. Issues covered span the spectrum; from health to foreign aid; and from economics to trade.

The text published by Gale Cengage Learning, a supplier of university text books and library references, and printed by Greenhaven Press, brings together issues about contemporary African in ways that shed light on and highlights the hopes and challenges faced by the continent. The newest edition of the text; Africa: Opposing Viewpoints; includes a twelve page chapter of a research work on African development entitled; Foreign Aid Does Not Benefit Africa; authored by Mathew K Jallow, is a damning indictment of foreign aid to African nations. Others researchers published in the twenty-one chapter book include; Bruce Gilley, Professor of Political Science, Princeton University; Vice-Admiral Robert T Moeller, RTD, US Navy; Charles Kenny, a Senior fellow at the Center for Global Development, and former US Senator, Russ Feingold, Wisconsin.

Africa: Opposing Viewpoints; ISBN: 9780737757033, is available on For those interested in African issues, it is a must read and a good reference collection for private library.

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