‘Man sighted in Niamina could be a want-away rebel’


Police Spokesperson Superintendent, David Kujabi told Gainako that he was not quite sure, but it is highly probable that the man recently sighted in the dense bushes of Niamina in the central river region could be a want away rebel linked to the massacre in Cassamance in which thirteen people were killed.

On Monday, The Point newspaper reported that a mother and her kids allegedly came face to face with a strange naked man wielding a gun apparently harmless. According to sources, the mother and her child had gone to the bush to fetch firewood, and suddenly stumbled on the man who asked the mother whether they have heard about the recent deadly attack in Cassamance in which thirteen men were brutally killed. In response, the mother replied in the affirmative and said they have heard about it.

According to sources in Niamina, the unidentified man could be a want away rebel probably involved in the deadly shooting and must have been stripped naked whilst under duress. Going by the geographical proximity between the Gambia and Cassamance, the bushes in the central river region can be a fertile hiding ground for undesirable elements from the neighboring countries trying to escape punishment.

‘I’m not quite sure, like I said, we are still investigating the matter, but it is highly probable that the man sighted in Niamina could be a want away rebel from Cassamance because why should the man be naked. I’m sure he must have got the clothes off to hide his identity’ said the Police PRO Supt. David Kujabi. Meanwhile security has been beefed up in the area in an attempt to get to the bottom of the matter.

In a new development, information shared on a What’s happ group name “Niamina Connection” created by citizens of Niamina both in the Diaspora and on the ground indicated there are conflicting information as to what exactly happened. There were reports that the alleged attacker did ask the woman if she knew some of the wealthiest people in the area. As a result, another audio recorded for the group reported that a businessman in Niamina Jareng noticed a failed attacked on his shop where possible intruders try to break in through the locks but could not get in. The audio indicated that the shop owner could not open his shop Monday morning. Although the shop was not broken into attempts were made but failed.

Additional reports from the group indicated that the military has intercepted a man purported to be the possible attacker in the forest. However, the military believe that this person might be a mentally challenged individual who has been taken for questioning and possible medical evaluation to determine his mental status. The situation in the area is very tense and many people are worried about possible arm intrusion into the region. Many opined that the Army camp in Kundang should be patrolling the area to keep residents safe. The citizens of Niamina on that forum are brainstorming to see what short and long term help they can render to the region in addition to government efforts. Gainako will continue to monitor the situation and will bring updates to our readers as more information become available..

Report file by Demba Baldeh courtesy of our Banjul Correspondent



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