Letter writer alleges Corruption at the Gambia National Petroleum Corporation – GNPC


Dear Editor,

Please help publish these facts to help to expose corruption at GNPC.

GNPC Furniture Contract for Petroleum

I am one of the hardworking Gambian suppliers who has put in a bid for GNPC furniture for Petroleum House and I am surprised at the level of corruption in that organization headed by the very corrupt aide of the former dictator, who is no other person than Mambureh Njie. I was very surprised at first until I remember this is the former Jammeh SG who is used to such corrupt practices under his former Boss. I will not blame him but the current government for recycling such people back into the government.

Since October, my company put in a bid for a major project worth tens of millions of Dalasis for the furnishing of Petroleum House which was advertised in the papers. It is now March, 5 months later and we have heard nothing from GNPC about the position of the contract. They have not written to us or even return our bid security.

Sir, which bidding process takes 5-6 months for you to explain?

All of us who bid knows that it is because their preferred supplier who they made a deal with could not be given the contract because they will be exposed. We made noise about this to many people in the government and the Ministry, and it reached their ears so they decided to let it cool down hoping that we will forget but I am letting them know that there will be no retreat or surrender.

Sir, can you imagine that after putting in our bid which says clearly that transportation and insurance costs should be included, they turned around and wrote a so called clarification letter to all the companies that they should clarify whether we included transportation and if not what is the transportation cost?

When my company receive this strange letter and replied that of course our prices, we did our investigations and contacted the other suppliers and found out that we all stick by our initial price except one company who they already had a deal with to increase their price by one million dalasi under the excuse that this was the transportation cost?

We also found out that this one million dalasi was to be the ‘cut’ the cut for former Dictator Jammeh’s aide who wants to make GNPC their Banana farm (Mambureh Njie and his Finance guy Amadou Jobe).

Sir, this is illegal and against GPPA in the Gambia. Everyone knows that you cannot increase your price after your bid has been opened. These people did not just increase the price but they went on and recommend to give the contract to that company.

To my surprise one of our contacts told us that until we were prepared to give a cut of more than the one million dalasi already offered and accepted, we cannot have the contract. We refused because this is New Gambia and corrupt people like Mambureh Njie cannot spoil the Gambia durign Jammeh’s time and still continue to spoil the government of Adama Barrow too. We are hardworking Gambians who deserve to win contracts in a fair and balance way without taking millions out of our hard owned monies.

Sir, this is daylight corruption and bribery and need to be exposed.


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