Jammeh denies Gambia is a sex trade heaven



The U.S. State Department’s Trafficking in  Person’s (TIP) Report for 2014 that was released in June downgrading Malaysia, Thailand, Venezuela and The Gambia from Tier 2 to Tier 3, the lowest grading possible, has finally drawn a defiantly-worded reaction from the regime of Yaya Jammeh.
The 2014 TIP Report described The Gambia as ” a source and destination country for women and children subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking”, the majority of whom are sexually exploited by European sex tourists.  A German travel blog, Brothel Sex, has cited two night spots, “Wow” and “Totties” in the tourism area where hookers frequent.  “It is possible to book a girl for several days or during your whole stay” according to the German website.It is believed that organizing sex trafficking networks collude with European and Gambian travel agencies to promote child sex tourism.  It is also widely believed locally that Jammeh’s immediate family members, some of whom hold diplomatic posts abroad, including the Gulf, are immensely involved in the trade.

The “Lebanon Connection” has been identified and Gambian girls who pleaded with authorities for help to be extricated from the servitude they find themselves have gone unanswered.  The police in Banjul claimed they cannot intervene in the case because the parents of the girls in Lebanon refuse to cooperate with authorities because they want to protect the identity of the victims – a lame excuse of inaction because influential Gambians, especially Jammeh’s cronies, are key elements of the sex trade network. network.

Gambian boys, the State Department reports, attend Kuranic schools where some corrupt and unscrupulous teachers forces these kids into the streets to beg for money.   Gambian children have been identified, according to the report, as victims of forced labor in neighboring countries of Senegal and Ghana.

In downgrading the Gambia to Tier 3, the  State Department concluded that The Gambia did not meet the minimum standard for the elimination of trafficking and the regime is not making any “significant effort to do so.”  The regime did not provide comprehensive enforcement data resulting in trafficking offenses, something being disputed by the regime. The regime’s prevention efforts have been described as modest during the reporting period which is consistent with the fact during the “Lebanon Connection” cases were in the news involving those closely associated with Jammeh.

Vigorous investigations and prosecution of trafficking offenses, among other measures, must be taken by the Jammeh regime if the downgrade is to be reversed.

Source: thesidisannehblog.com

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