Hello Mr. President… Our Taps are Dry



I know I have said this before; but, it can’t be said enough. As I write to you today, it has been four days and there hasn’t been a drop of water from my tap. In fact, my tap is drier than the Sahara Desert. Lack of water is seriously hampering the livelihoods of many Gambians.

A few months ago, there was this problem of lack of water and we spoke out against it. Government promised to remedy the situation and for a while, it seemed that the problem had been solved. But again these past few weeks the perennial problem of lack of water has come to torment us.

To make matters worse, Mr President, NAWEC haven’t even had the courtesy of coming out with an explanation this time round. At least one would have expected that they would announce to the general public what the problem is and how and when they expect to solve it. It is so frustrating that after fifty years of independence we can’t have a constant and adequate water and electricity supply.

Certainly, the government could have reached out to development partners and explain the problem so that a solution will be sought. Remember, it is said that a problem shared is a problem solved. It is indeed inexplicable that a small country like ours is still battling with lack of water and electricity.

In my humble opinion, it’s a question of misplaced priorities. You see, there are basic things which once they are made available, others will fall in place automatically. If, for instance, there is a constant, adequate electricity supply, the issue of unemployment will reduce because investors need electricity and as such the availability of electricity supply can – and will – attract investors which will go a long way towards solving the problem of unemployment.

At the moment, many Gambians are truly frustrated at the lack of water and electricity and apparently at the seeming lack of concern of officials.

We need water and electricity, Mr President.

Have a Good Day Mr President….

Tha Scribbler Bah

A Concerned Citizen


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  1. His tap is not dry, anyway. While he went with 53 to New York, our poor people have been suffering the same conditions. He didn’t care but just took along that huge number of people to enable them dip into our coffers. THIEVES and UNGRATEFUL PEOPLE!

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