Gunjur Pollution Intensifies: One Dead as Overturned “Fishmeal Waste” Truck Disrupts Town


By Dr Ahmed Manjang

Barely 24 hours since gallant youths of Kombo Gunjur removed a pipe that was illegally pumping industrial was from Golden Lead fishmeal factory in to local sea in Gunjur, a truck carrying industrial fishmeal waste destined for illegal tipping was involved in fatal accident in the outskirts of Gunjur when one of the tires of the speeding truck busted, the driver lost control, hit a rheum palm three at full tilt and rested on its side. Local villagers rushed to the scene only to confronted by foul-smelling fishmeal slurry, they help back and call for help, it took hours before help arrived, when help arrived hours later it was almost too late for one of the occupants of the vehicle, who die on arrival at the hospital (RIP), as I write this report the driver’s mate is seriously ill at the hospital. Right now the entire village has to stay put in their dwellings’ to minimise rancid foul odour that is emanating from the overturned truck still carrying decomposing Chinese fishmeal untreated industrial waste. The local school with a student total close 200 are relocated and cramped into a mosque in the neighbouring village for them continue their classes, how sad is that?

This is not definitely what Gambians fought so hard for the past twenty-two years removed that evil despot; Yaya Jammeh, it is heartbreaking president Adama Barrow and his corrupt ministers are conspiring with unrepentant Chinese investors who are hell-bent on systematically poisoning Gambians with their industrial waste just maximise their profit margin. Waste treatment plant is a bare minimum for any fishmeal factory to start operation, how on earth three fishmeal companies operating within 20 km radius, none of them have an operating waste treatment plant, one of them; Golden Lead located in Gunjur had been in operation since 2015, during that time they have been pumping their waste into the local sea until two days ago when local youth decided to take matters into their own hands.

We have credible evidence that these Chinese own companies are now paying unscrupulous truck drivers’ for a pittance to illegally carry their untreated industrial into bushes along Kombo bushes. Recently two such evil Gambians were caught dumping these foul-smelling dangerous slurry in bushes surrounding Kiti and Sifoe villages. They are doing this to avoid higher charges from professional waste treatment plants. We are calling on President Barrow and his government to stop these evil companies from operation until they meet all conditions necessary to operate such companies. If you do not we will.


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