Gambia’s Deputy Ambassador in Washington DC Mustapha Sosseh involved in Domestic Violence


President Barrow’s choice for Deputy Ambassador in Washington DC Mustapha Sosseh was allegedly involved in domestic violence resulting in police intervention and likely state department intervention expected this week. Reports reaching Gainako last night indicated that DC County Police were called to his residence just outside Washington after an alleged altercation with his spouse. According to an eyewitness, Deputy Ambassador Sosseh has been abusing his wife for a long time, including flaunting a relationship with another lady. The incident that resulted in the police being called was another provocation that resulted in the spouse also fighting back and Sosseh allegedly asking the wife’s step son to record the wife fighting back, so that he can produce that as evidence to the state department to get her diplomatic status revoked enabling him to get diplomatic status for his new wife.

According to family sources, the domestic issues between Mustapha and his spouse has been ongoing resulting in both physical and mental abuse. In Gambia Mustapha Sosseh is accused of cheating on his spouse with multiple women, resulting in him impregnating three of their domestic helpers. We understand that the couple’s current domestic problems in the US is also as a result of infidelity and Mr Sosseh’s marriage to another lady and his intention to get his new spouse diplomatic status in the USA.

Few weeks ago Gainako reported on Sosseh’s appointment to Washington DC as the President’s choice. Mr. Sosseh’s qualifications for the position of Deputy Ambassador is questionable and he allegedly cannot even write a proper sentence in English.  This is yet another indication of the pattern of poor choices of personnel appointments made by the Barrow government, with many accusing President Barrow of using the foreign service as “dumping ground” for incompetent and corrupt officials.  Domestic violence is a serious issue in the United States and such incidents involving law enforcement will likely get the State Department’s attention.

The source who called our reporter around 5am GMT was frantic. She expressed disappointment and surprise that a man appointed to such status would be so reckless in a country that takes domestic violence seriously . Gainako was sent a dossier on this Diplomatic Agent and his womanizing in the DC area. We are following on the tips and will report appropriately soon. Stay tuned.


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