Gambia under the Binoculars of an allege aspiring assassin



Jombo1By Landing Nyassi, Norway

Jombo the clown as he is commonly known within his circles has a mission and his mission is to end the madness in Gambia.  The madness in his beloved country has in a way seriously affected Jombo as he could be seen meditating and talking to himself on road sides and at times inattentive when he is the company of his peers thus  earning him the name the clown. Although his peers have a strong conviction that he has the capacity to end the tyranny in Gambia. “There is one man holding a nation of over a million inhabitant hostage and the only way to end this hostage crisis is to eliminate  that very man” said Jombo fearlessly.  

A stranger who doesn’t know this youngster would doubt his capability as he is skinny, frail with red eyes because of sleepless nights but don’t be mistaken he is as hot as pepper when confronted. He has what it takes to be a navy seal or a high caliber commando.  Jombo has travelled extensively and gifted with knowledge of people from different continents, from the indigenous people of South America, pigmies of Central African Republic to the tactics of the assassin team that secretly eliminated a tyrant ruler in West Africa.

He is gifted with both technological and spiritual expertise and shows no relent in using these to cut off the rotten head of a cancerous entity that is ravaging Gambia. “If  being an assassin is what would free my country from the clutches of tyranny then I am prepared to be one, what worries me  is how to avoid innocent casualties , this I am working on both day and night to come up the most appropriate method to knock off the head of Mansa Apai” asserts the invincible  Jombo.

The ambitious youngster is a Diaspora Gambian but flies in and out of Banjul more often than anyone else; he uses Pseudo names and is well informed on the small country’s security apparatus. He even confessed working at Mansa Apai’s farm at Kanilai all in a quest to find out the most formidable way to strike his prey down.  The “would be assassin” has thought of so many ways to carry out his mission.

One of those is to pretend to be a scrambler of biscuits  close to Mansa Apai’s convoy and then direct his tinny assault weapon which is a pseudo pen laden with a poisonous chemical he acquired from Ecuador. He only needs a shot, a sharp pin that carries the chemical to hit Mansa Apai’s face then after a few seconds it would be mission accomplished.  Another way is to go sniper, Jombo is gifted, and he hardly misses his target in shooting.  The way he wants to embark on this option is to climb and position himself in a storey building along the high ways Mansa Apai frequents.

He would then bring out his shooting skills to pin the tyrant down with a single shot. The act would go unnoticed because his device  hardly make a noise , the sharp pin travels with an extraordinary speed  and when it pierces the victim in no time the chemical mixes with blood and it becomes mission accomplish. There are several other methods he has in his bag that he would not disclose.

“I have never been an assassin in my life but events unfolding in my dear country are forcing me to be one in order put an end to the extrajudicial executions and disappearance without trace in my country the latest being the abduction of Imam Baba Leigh” vehemently asserts Jombo in furious voice that means business. Jombo is a ticking time bomb, if relatives don’t prevail over him not to go ahead with the mission or as he puts it if the veritable Imam is not release he is in high gear to pull the trigger sooner than anyone would expect. Well I would not call him Jombo the clown but rather Jombo the tactful and do not be surprise to wake up one morning and news start feeding in that the despotic Apai is no more.


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