Exclusive interview with Sheikh Sidia Bayo Leader of NTCG


Sidia Bayo

Sheikh Sidia Bayo founder of the National Transition Council of the Gambia (NTCG) was our guest at Gainako Radio Sunday March 17th, 2013. Mr. Bayo who made headlines when in gave President Jammeh an ultimatum to step down or face arm rebellion went quiet when members of his supposed cabinet announced that he has been removed and replaced by the founder of Kibaaronews Mr. Bamba Mass. Bayo emphasized that his NTCG remained strong with him as the leader. He admitted making mistakes in associating with some of the folks who later staged a palace coup and replaced him abruptly. He said he could have taken his time to select people to associate with or allow on his cabinet. Bayo argued that his leadership remained strong    and that NTCG was formed based on action. He concluded that since his alleged replacement the other group did not do anything and have been quiet since then.  Tune on Gainako Radio to hear the defiant and optimistic Bayo on the future of the NTCG…


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