The D30 Gambia Freedom Foundation (D30 GFF) Launched


PRESS RELEASE July 27th, 2016

The D30 Gambia Freedom Foundation (D30 GFF) Launched

The public is hereby informed that the D30 Gambia Freedom Foundation (D30 GFF) will be officially launched as of July 30th, 2016. This foundation was formed May 25th, 2016. The D30 GFF is launched in memory of our heroes both those who lost their lives and the living, supporting their families and to embark on peaceful advocacy in the effort of restoring democracy and the rule of law in the Gambia, in collaboration with existing political and civil society organizations. The December, 30th, 2014, incident involved the heroic efforts of brave and selfless Gambians designed to restore democracy, respect of the constitution, human rights, and rule of law. It was a historic turning point in the struggle against the tyranny in Gambia and it came at a tremendous cost to our brave men.

Article I.

Foundation Name The foundation name shall be: December 30, The Gambia Freedom Foundation (D30 GFF)

Article II. Vision

“Our Vision is a Gambia where there is rule of law, good governance and respect for human rights. In such a Gambia, the December 30th Heroes will be canonized and celebrated as monumental national Heroes in the ushering of a New and better Gambia. The living heroes and all the families of the heroes, especially their children, will thrive and blossom mentally, physically, emotionally, and all their core needs shall be fully addressed.

” Article III. Mission Statement

The mission of the foundation is in two folds: “Our Mission is to provide sustainable resources to support the December 30th heroes and their families and to pursue their aspirations in advancing good governance, rule of law and freedom through a democratic process in the Gambia. We believe that engaging in a democratic process we can advance good governance, rule of law and freedom in the Gambia. We aim to meaningfully contribute in the peaceful transition of The Gambia to a democratic state governed by the rule of law, and respecting of the civic and individual rights of all peoples through proven strategies including impactful advocacy, activism, and lobbying.

” Article IV. Goals

The overarching goal of the foundation is to raise funds and other required resources through various project activities to ensure sustainability of its mission. Specific Goals: – By December 31 of every year, the Foundation will hold at least two (2) events in memory of and to honor the December 30th Heroes. – By the last day in February of each year, the Foundation would conduct an assessment of the prioritized needs of each family, specifically the children of the heroes. By September 30, the foundation will provide at least one service to each family to help address an identified priority need. – The Foundation will complete at least three (3) activities aimed at bolstering democracy and/or HumanRights in The Gambia, including but not limited to educational outreach and/or lobbying in an effort to bring awareness to the current Gambian issues on democracy and human-rights; by December 31st of every year.

Article V. Methodology

The Foundation will conduct resource mobilization efforts in order to harness the critical resources (human, funding, technology, partnerships, etc) necessary to achieve its stated mission and associated goals. The Foundation shall engage in education and awareness efforts aimed at informing key stakeholders and securing critical partnerships to bolster its capacity to fulfill its mission and achieve set goals. As part of the advocacy work of the D30 Gambia Freedom Foundation, D30 GFF will operate a website, and multiple social media platforms that will deal with various topics of interest centering on human rights, good governance, gender issues, news aggregation, as well as a discussion forums and charity product sales. In the near future, the D30 GFF Media and Communications committee will be conducting interviews on the various online radios, print and social media platforms to respond to questions from the public and share information with the general public. The D30 GFF contact information and social media accounts are listed below. Additional information is available on the said accounts as well. The website will also be rolled-out soon.

Thank you


Pa Samba Jow (on behalf of D30 GFF)



Facebook: D30gambiafreedfoundation

Twitter – @ D30GambiaFF OR D30Gambiaff Name of the Foundation:

The foundation name shall be: December 30, The Gambia Freedom Foundation (D30 GFF)


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