Critically Acclaimed Rap duo Poetic X Release “Ligaye”


By Yusef Taylor, @FlexDan_YT

With the countdown at just over two weeks to The Gambia’s 54th Independence Day, critically acclaimed Gambian rap duo, Poetic X, just released another socio-politically conscious track entitled “Ligaye” which translates to work in Wollof. The main chorus encourages government and all Gambians to work towards national development “na ngurr bi ligaye, yep a ligaye”.

Produced by Maw G with Kora instrumentals by Mafu, Ligaye features Bilal’s hall mark punchlines and Ayo Jack’s vocals on the chorus. Known for critically acclaimed hits like Sunu Dekala and more recently #OneGambia featuring the late Aminata (Swedish Gambian singer), the rap duo have laid down another marker targeting poor electricity and water supply (NAWEC), low wages which encourage endemic corruption and The Gambia’s poor work ethic.

Listen to the brand new track on SoundCloud >>

An old African proverb states that “it’s not the monkey on top that make a tree fall but it’s the work and effort of numerous small insects and ants.” Similarly the #NewGambian utopia will become a reality only through the resilience of #NewGambians willing to put in work and ready to denounce corruption and sacrifice partisanship support at the altar of national development.

Bilal holds no punches as he speaks to the overzealous partisanship support undermining Gambia’s efforts towards national development.

It’s no coincidence that ‘Ligaye jot na Gambia am na bopam, bopam’ almost became The Gambia’s Independence song. In the same vein this track brings a more relevant modern day vibe to the message which still rings true today half a century after ‘independence’. As we commence another year into the third republic, it’s high time we all (from Government to civilians) work to develop a country which future generations of Gambians will be proud of.

“Purr rewmi doh fok kunekha play sa part, Jappah fi ma jappah felleh nyu johanteh support” Bilal

Listen to the brand new track on SoundCloud >>

Ligaye – Single Poster


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