Chinua Achebe in Loving Memory!


AchebeBy: Yero Jallow


Yep, rest now that soul of the pen

the famous name we all celebrated

over the ages, kept the burning flames

when things were up or down

with words of wisdom, sincerely

and you watched the old baobab trees sway

as they danced to times’ changes

with the winds of change breezing  hot and cold

for the long awaited redemption.

Among the many sons of Africa

you kept your tact to the last breathe

unlike the others who bullied and dictated

not only our conscience but prostituted our virginity

and stripped us naked in all angles

with their tainted ink and barrels of the gun

putting the yokes of the chains back on our necks

after the many years of bitter sorrow

insensitive and unsympathetic to our plight.


Now that time and death has called

a call that everyone must answer to

we mourn and weep bitterly

of your departure to eternity

and we pray that the holy angels

welcomes you with that shiny ink

as you rest in that serene status

on thrones with breezy islands

aloft mansions where the righteous reside.

RIP that Soul of the Pen!



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