Madi Jobarteh: ECOWAS and Gambia Government must Capture Yahya Jammeh NOW!


By Madi Jobarteh

ECOWAS and Gambia Government Must Demand the Surrender or Capture of Yaya Jammeh NOW!

By all legal and political standards, Yaya Jammeh has been a private citizen from midnight January 18. Hence he holds no public office and cannot determine the decisions and actions of any government single-handedly. If he wants to influence the decisions and actions of any government he has to go to court to decide accordingly. Hence on what basis therefore should the Gambia Government and ECOWAS allow Yaya Jammeh to reside illegally in the Gambia State House until midday January 20? The State House is a public property designated as the residence and office of the elected Chief Servant of the Republic of the Gambia. That Chief Servant is none other than Adama Barrow. Therefore on which Gambian law should a private citizen occupy the office and residence of an elected Chief Servant of the Republic of the Gambia?

If it is true that ECOWAS has suspended the UN-approved intervention based on the will of the Gambian people to remove Yaya Jammeh out of the State House, then I am completely opposed to the decision. Our Chief Servant Adama Barrow must not endorse such a decision and as the Head of State he must demand that either Yaya Jammeh surrenders himself immediately or all forceful means by applied to capture and remove him from the State House.

ECOWAS must bear in mind that Yaya Jammeh has flouted the constitution and sovereignty of the Gambian people when he rejected the elections of December 1. Following this, ECOWAS leaders spent huge public resources to visit Yaya Jammeh on two occasions on December 13 and January 11 only to send them back empty handed. It was not the case that Jammeh was the one who was unfairly treated or offended but instead it was he who has damaged the law while everyone was seeking to plead with him to respect constitutionality. How therefore can we allow Jammeh to cause the waste of public resources of these leaders and their governments, their people and ECOWAS only to now succumb to him as he wishes?

Yaya has not only violated the constitution of the Gambia, but he has also violated the AU Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance. He has also violated the ECOWAS Protocol on Good Governance and Democracy. He has also violated the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and other UN human rights instruments. Hence why therefore should Yaya Jammeh be allowed to continue to exercise impunity on the Gambia, West Africa, Africa and the World?

Since December 9, Jammeh has caused incredible social strife, economic loss and political instability in the Gambia to the point that the elected Chief Servant of the Gambia had to be sworn-in in a foreign country. He has caused the entire world to be on edge and to expend huge resources to deploy military personnel and hardware only for Jammeh to play games with them. There should not be any negotiation with Yaya Jammeh.

Yaya Jammeh deserves no sympathy at this stage because of the huge cost of his unconstitutional behaviour. He must not be allowed to hold hostage the Gambia and the world when in fact he is a criminal. Where have we ever seen a terrorist given the freedom to determine when and how and where he will abandon terrorism? As a citizen, I hereby demand that our Chief Servant Adama Barrow inform ECOWAS that we the people wish to see them enforce our will by going after Yaya Jammeh and arrest him. If he is afraid, then let him surrender now to ECOWAS forces so that they can him over to the Gambia Government.

Yaya Jammeh is a fugitive and we cannot and must not ever allow a fugitive to occupy our State House. Yaya Jammeh does not deserve any rights and privileges of a former president because of the clear willful violations of the constitution and sovereignty of the Gambia. If we honour Yaya Jammeh with the rights and privileges of a former president then we must also honour people like John Hawkins and Governor Sitwell of England who had enslaved and colonized and massacred our forefathers and foremothers during slavery and colonialism. Yaya Jammeh is the Hitler of the Gambia and where the Germans do not honour Hitler we have absolutely no justification and reason to honour Yaya Jammeh. He must surrender now or be captured.

I am opposed to any deal or negotiation with Yaya Jammeh.

Gambians stand up and demand the unconditional surrender or forceful capture of Yaya Jammeh and his accomplices in the APRC and the Gambia Armed Forces.

God Bless The New Gambia.

Author Madi Jobarteh


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  1. Madi,
    Wollaahi your article should be central to all the messages about Jammeh right now. But it appears as if some people are excited with the new change at the expense of cleaning Gambia of a wicked danger. This isn’t witch hunting. There’s no witch in The Gambia. But there are devil’s and snakes to be dealt with.

    Shouldn’t it bother all of us to see tens of thousands of innocent Gambians displaced from such a tiny nation? Yahya never ceased to commit crimes against Gambians who spent their last dalasis on fare and food to depart from home. Yahya refused nogotiations that cost nothing. You think he would repent? A beast remains a beast. You can’t change it into a good friend. A psychopath and sociopath also remain thus.

    We will all pay a serious price if Jammeh goes Scot-free.

    It boils my blood to see any negotiations with the chief snake and devil. Gambia has to be cleansed first! This is paramount. Yahya is extremely vindictive and won’t cease brewing trouble in The Gambia wherever he may be. Gainako and all online media, please drive Madi’s message home.

  2. I concur! We pleaded with Jammeh for over a month to reconsider his stand and weigh his options but he remained adamant. The ‘door of mercies’ has now been shut. In what capacity should negotiations be held with an ordinary citizen over national issues? In my opinion, Jammeh should be subjected to the law in no uncertain terms for holding the country hostage and occupying an illegal premises long after the expiry of his mandate. He has also subjected the people to unnecessary anxiety which has resulted to mass exodus. We cannot shortchange the will of the people by negotiating outright issues. Meanwhile,I still feel the urge that Jammeh should be monitored as he may once again rethink of power via the back door in future following his unceremonious although deserving dismissal.

  3. Who does ECOWAS think they are kidding?

    Its a complete rip-off deal to let a killer, thieve, rapist like Jammeh get away scot free to live a life of luxury less than 200kms away.

    I too would like to be welcome to retire in Conakry complete with a rolls royce and $millions in the bank, together with security – all stolen of course from an unsuspecting people, and with no prospects of ever being called to account.

    West Africa, we have a very long way to go, very, very long way to go!!

    What a ripoff deal!!! The whole thing makes one mad, very mad, so mad that throwing ones hand in the air one cries ” why bother!! May be Donald Trump is right about Africa – why worry about Africa if results such as these are the routine! What about the $millions that were targeted to providing babies with milk, women with maternity care, elderly with medical care, that were stolen and squandered on designer gear? All must be forgotten in the name of peace – No peace without Justice!!

  4. Voting in mass does not always constitute the TRUTH neither reflect the desires of the people.
    Voting in mass does not always demonstrate the true values of democracy. It could be misleading and disastrous.
    What we are observing these days since 2016 is the truth of these statements.
    Voting in mass for the USA president Donald Trump was just a franchise that did not constitute the TRUTH neither reflect the desires of the American people. He is not wanted by his people.
    Voting in mass for the UK «Brexit» demand did not constitute the TRUTH for the British people neither did it reflect the desires of the British people. They regret deject the whole episode.
    The two voting exercises in The USA and The UK were misleading exercises based on lies, hatred and false allusions.
    Voting in mass for the Gambian «Coalition» party to elect Adama Barrow did not constitute the TRUTH for the Gambian people neither did it reflect their democratic desires and aspirations.
    It was a Gambian exercise based on cheating, conspiracy, bribery, tribalism and intimidation. Thus Adama Barrow and his «Coalitionn» are not wanted by the Gambian people.
    The TRUTH will eventually come to surface when the bitty «Coalition» crumbles into ashes on selfish advocacies of its incongrous figures based on partisan ideologies.

    The marionette «President» Barrow will soon learn that leading a diverse citizenry of 1.8 million Mandinkolu, Fulolu, Jolalu, Wollofolu, Akuwolu, Sarahulelu, Manjakolu, Balantolu, Kasinkolu, Manswankolu(my tribe) and all the diverse ethnic groupings is incompatible to his watchman job at the London Argos markets.
    The GREAT LEGACIES of President Jammeh will remain till eternity!
    Positive opposition to the Adama Barrow «Coalition» has just begun!
    Long live President Jammeh, Long live the APRC party, Long live the patriotic conscientious Pan Africanist people of the Gambia.
    Down with neocolonists and their henchmen and cronies!

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