A statement by Yusupha Mbye, an April 10/11 2000 Victim of Gambia Government


It is Sunday, April 10 again. It is 16 good years today since we were deprived of a right the constitution empowered us to exercise. I was one of the students who cried foul when our colleague, Ebrima Barry, was subjected to torture by villains who still live on. We were only showing our grief to the authorities whom we expected to dispense justice. WE WERE GRAVELY WRONGED!!!

The government responded to our concerns not with reciprocal words but with frontline weapons manned by trigger-happy chaps who had no idea what a life bullet could do to a teenager. The heavy-handed response sent most of us to oblivion, a handful of us are confined to wheelchair mobility and crutches.
For sixteen solid years, the story had always been the same. All actions towards redress are at standstill, efforts towards treatment and cure seem stagnant as the last grasps of hope fade away.

All that is Destiny. God had so willed that some of us will no longer have a life. That our progress and success depends wholly on help hands. That my dreams of making a family and helping develop myself and subsequently my nation are just mere fantasies. When had God become this cruel; or are all these unpleasant realities of misfortune the machinations of human cruelty? I don’t even know what to believe. I am not asking for more than I can be given. I need justice done and not only said. I need cure and not only treatment as it means I will only remain as I am. I am desperate to say the least!!!



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