A Short Review: Jamfa




I thought the politics is taking us too far. Here is a nice refresher. The title of the refresher “Jamfa” would mean betrayal. In short review, the main characters are Abda (husband), Penda (Abda’s wife) and the family members of the couples. Abda was married to Penda before he traveled to some European country and when he came back, settled at his parent’s home. Penda had so much pride and influence from her mother that she won’t go visit Abda, the new arrival from Europe.

Penda grew paranoid over the definition of marriage thinking that the husband should be the one to join her. Her paranoia and misguided thoughts convinced her that her in-laws don’t like her. The sad case is that people still believe in black powers, the secret weapon that Penda’s mother had put on Abda continually which they (Penda and her Mother) believed was the driving force that kept Abda loving Penda. After the separation, Abda too designed a plan to come back for the materials he gave to Penda. His plan was to re-marry Penda, recollect all his belongings and abandon her to the wilder society. After he succeeded including getting back his properties, Abda reunited his family in a fresh page. Penda and her mother were homeless.

The moral lesson is choose God over black power, sincerity over betrayal, love over hate, openness over closures, consideration over disregard, and etc…

Happy Jummah guys!



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