A Poem: In Depths of Solitude


A Poem: In Depths of Solitude

By Yero Jallow

In depths of solitude we bitterly mourn –

Bitter, sorrow, agony and pain,

Crying over wounds of predicaments.

When the sun kindles its luminous hurricanes,

Pendulums swinging at constant oscillations,

The wind carries the uneasy burden on its wings,

The Pharaoh imprisoned the bodied souls,

While liberating spirits jubilate in uproars,

In those depths of hopelessness we bitterly mourn,

Yearning to get to the Promised Land.

The bystanders in mockery observed the show

It is Orwellian “Animal Farm” all over again –

“Four legs good, two legs bad,”

In those depths of solitude we bitterly mourn.

(Courtesy: Pic, Google Images. Headline, 2pac’s “In The Depths of solitude”).


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