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    The Gambia: Of Neophytes, Acolytes And The Cabal Of ....

    They are the flagships of a regime perpetually hovering over the edge of complete collapse and certain disintegration, on the one hand, and willing collaborators in a cabal desensitized to the particularly gruesome human rights violations of the last two decades. They project narcissism and self-interest; with material greed at the heart of their irreverent…

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    Former Foroyaa Reporter turned Drug Enforcement agent ....

      I fled The Gambia on august 10, 2014, on august 1 & 2, of the same year, I was unlawfully detained under very brutal conditions for allegedly feeding wrong information to Gambians and enemies of the Gambia government base abroad and belonging to opposition parties, an accusations which are baseless. Prior to fleeing the…

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    Did former SG Sabally Defiantly Tear his Dismissal Letter ....

      Former Secretary General and Minister for Presidential Affairs Momodou Sabally’s long detention without bail and charged with three counts of economic crime and abuse of office may have more to do with his alleged actions immediately after his dismissal than his alleged crimes. Sources close to the State House reported that Sabally allegedly tore…

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    Amadou’s Brush with Injustice

      Amadou is a very shy but upright man who resides in Kankary Kunda. He alerts and avails himself to the needs and aspirations of his community particularly those who are in dire need of financial and moral support. Albeit he most often goes the extra mile to be there for anyone that requires his…

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    UDP slams denial of permit to hold political rally

        UDP leader Ousainou Darboe and members of the party executive Sunday called a press conference to announce that the police denied the country’s leading opposition party a permit to hold a political rally at Cedar Club Latrikunda German. The rally was to celebrate UDP’s 18th anniversary, following the launching of the opposition party…

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    Palace Coup in Gambia Where Presidency Dies Without ....

      By Sarjo Bayang Looking at other side of the same coin The big Issue of Gambia  Unable to perform the duty calls of president in 20 years forced rule, Yaya Jammeh needed to be honest by graceful surrender of a job he was never invited to take.  Instead, Jammeh is now out to abandon…

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  • Mom
    Obituary -Gainako’s Demba Baldeh Lost His Mother

                                  Obituary -Gainako’s Demba Baldeh Lost His Mother Comrades – “Every soul shall taste of death ….” (Al Quran, Surah 3 - Al-Emran, Verse 185). The sad news is flying on the wings of the passing wind. Gainako’s vibrant activist, Demba Baldeh,…

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    Five ways to Pevent the spread of Ebola

    Ebola crisis: Five ways to avoid the deadly virus   Ebola is one of the world’s most deadly viruses but is not airborne, so cannot be caught like flu. Medical experts say avoiding it should be quite easy if you follow these tips: line break 1. Soap and water Wash your hands regularly with soap…

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    Breaking News: Senegal Confirms First Case of Ebola

      DAKAR, Senegal (AP) — Senegal has recorded its first case of Ebola in an outbreak that is ravaging its West African neighbors, the Ministry of Health said Friday. The infected person is a young man from Guinea, Health Minister Awa Marie Coll Seck told reporters. The outbreak that has killed more than 1,500 people…

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    US State Department Announces New Immigrant Visa Fees

    The U.S State Department has issued a public notice announcing the increase of Consular Services effective September 12, 2014.  In a Statement released to the press the announcement indicated that Consular Services will increase and the “fees for most immigrant Visas will change while fees for non-immigrant Visas will remain same. The increase in fees is a…

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    Lamin Kaba Bajo joins race for GFF Presidency Four ....

                          According to reliable sources, at the close of nominations on Wednesday afternoon for the elective post of president of the Gambia Football Federation, GFF, four people have been nominated for the GFF top post. The Point learned that the nominated candidates are Lamin Kaba…

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    While Gambians rejoice in Individual achievements and ....

            By Demba Baldeh Gambia’s political story in the last two decades is one that should no longer be a mystery to any conscious and well informed citizen.  In every society it is the moral responsibility of its citizens to take the mantle of leadership and stand up to defend the sovereignty…

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    Over 100 African Migrants feared Dead off the Coast of Libya

                          Over 100 African Migrants reportedly drown over the coast of Libya near the capital Tripoli while trying to reach Europe according to Libyan Coast Guards. The sad incident occurred on Friday August 23rd, 2014. The migrants who were found off the shores of al-Qarbouli, about…

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    African States urged to Reject Immunity for Leaders

                    (Johannesburg, August 25, 2014) – African countries should reject immunity for sitting leaders for grave crimes before the African Court for Justice and Human Rights, 141 organizations said today in a declaration in advance of an African Union meeting in Nairobi. The organizations include both African groups and international…

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    The Bends, the Curves, the Home-Straight, Keeping the Eyes ....

        Part 2 of 3 By Modou Nyang In the contours of democratic political change in the Gambia the climax in the collaboration between home and diaspora forces is represented in the ushering of NADD into the country’s political lexicography. And now any subsequent partnership must aim at improving upon that milestone of political…

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    Jammeh’s Dangerous ambition to rule at all cost

      Under heavy weight of crown the king lost his head Sarjo Bayang warns Gambians Little known junior army ranker who paved his way to power by force of arms in July 1994  is now striving to be crowned king of Gambia in West Africa; a strip of land divided by a river some people…

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    Defeating Dictators: Fighting Tyranny in Africa and Around ....

      Defeating Dictators: Fighting Tyranny in Africa and Around the World. BY GEORGE B. N. AYITTEY. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011. $ 28, hardcover (978-0-23010859-2). George Ayittey remains an important intellectual force of our time, in part, because of his criticism of Africa’s political and intellectual elite. He has for several decades exposed both economic and…

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    How to win against Tyranny: A Case study of the struggle vs ....

          BY:  Ousainou Mbenga “We must all engage ourselves in the struggle for the common good; there are none with clean hands, no innocents, no spectators. We all dirty our hands in the mind of our minds. Every spectator is a coward or a traitor”. Frantz Fanon. STEP 1: Cultivate a habit of…

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  • Operation Free Gambia #2 (Final Update)
    Operation Free Gambia Round # 2 September 26th New York

                              Operation Free Gambia Round #2… The only way to defeat tyranny and injustice is persistence and sustained Campaign anywhere, anytime, any how… Get ready for another show down… DC Round 2 this time in the Grand City that never sleeps NEW YORK……

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    Welcome To Gamrock!

      By Momodou Ndow Welcome to Gamrock! Oh Gambia why Gambia? A federal penitentiary with open skies and tighter than Alcatraz Masses isolated in solitary confinement compelled to worship Babili Escape a luxury only a few can afford Corpse floating in the Atlantic Ocean from failed attempts Welcome to Gamrock! Oh Gambia why Gambia? 20…

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    Ebola and Africa – It Tells Us Who and What We Are

    By: Madi Jobarteh It is a couple of weeks now since that deadly sickness Ebola broke out in West Africa, jumping from the Congo where it first emerged more than 50 years ago. In its wake so far, hundreds of people have been killed in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Nigeria, with hundreds more still sick…

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