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    Former US Air Force Veteran plead Guilty to Charges of ....

       By Demba Baldeh Former US Air Force Veteran who served a tour of duty in the US war against the Taliban  in Afghanistan who is charged with conspiracy to overthrow a brutal dictatorial  government in the West African State of the Gambia in violation of the US ‘Neutrality Act’ has pleaded guilty to the…

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  • forgiveness
    A Dead Person has No Relative OR Friends; A dead Body ....

    As reports persist of the arrest and detention of the family members of those who participated in the 30th December insurrection Foroyaa is compelled to remind those who manage the affairs of the country to handle the current situation with a high sense of decency and maturity. It is important for all Gambians to realise…

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    An Open Letter on The Gambia

                    A CALL TO ACTION in Support of U.S. Veterans and U.S. Citizens Who Made Great Sacrifices Standing-up Against the 20-year State Sanctioned Terrorism by the Gambian Dictatorship. On July 22nd 1994, a group of junior-ranking military officers, led by then 29-year-old Yahya Jammeh forcefully took over the…

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    Gambia A Nation Where a Butcher Reigns

    By Papa Kumba Loum Gambia A Nation Where a Butcher Reigns -An Idiotic misanthrope has taken over the realm of power and seized our beloved homeland   -An insane, reckless, resentful and immature murderer has subjugated and defiled our motherland   -Sons and daughters of noble parents as if hypnotized, have joined this evil menace…

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    The Muslim Community in the United States: Some Issues

    The following article appeared on  pages one through thirteen of Volume 1, Issue 2 of Studies in Contemporary Islam. By Dr. Sulayman S. Nyang Muslims in the United States now number at least five million. The demographic complex of Muslims is very diverse. It includes (alphabetically) Algerians, Afghans, and Albanians, Bengalis, Burmans, Ethiopians, Indians, Indonesians,…

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    Letter to US Attorney General (USAG) Hon. Eric Holder

      Eric H. Holder, Jr., Esq. Attorney General of the United States of America US Department of Justice Washington, DC   Dear Mr. Holder, The Committee for the Restoration of Democracy in The Gambia (CORDEG), an independent, non-profit transnational democratic umbrella organization that is home to political parties and groups in The Gambia and its…

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    Democratic Republic of Congo – Compromise Electoral ....

    ‘PARLIAMENT INSIST TERM LIMIT MUST BE MAINTAINED’ Press Statement Jen Psaki Department Spokesperson Washington, DC January 25, 2015 The United States welcomes the Parliament of the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s approval of electoral legislation that sets the country on course towards timely elections in line with its Constitution. We applaud the efforts of the…

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    Selfless Service, A Noble and Sacred Endeavor

                  By Ebrima Manneh When a government fails to carry out its responsibilities and duties to the governed and instead rules with an iron fist, exercises vengeance instead of forgiveness, and celebrates loss of life instead of preventing suffering, it becomes an ardent responsibility of the citizens to replace…

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  • oj-s
    A Case for a United Coalition of the Opposition for 2016 ....

                  By: People’s Progressive Party (PPP) The PPP believes that the democratic process, and a free and fair elections is the only way for a peaceful democratic change of government. The PPP is a victim of a violent and unconstitutional usurpation of power by the current AFPRC regime of…

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    The perceptions of managers of SMEs operating in the ....

      By Foday Yaya Drammeh, School of Business Administration University of Gothenburg, Sweden Email: Abstract Despite the prolific representation of Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) in tourism activities in Least Developed Countries (LDCs), there seems to be little attention given to their perceptions of sustainable tourism development. Despite their large presence, few, if…

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    Speech by Pa Modou Ann – Lt. Col. Rtd, Secretary ....

      First and foremost let us observe a minute silence for our fellow countrymen who have lost their lives on or about the 30 December 2014 in Banjul; praying that their deaths may not be in vain. Fellow Gambians, dear compatriots in the struggle, members and supporters of the National Resistance movement, NRMG, I take…

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    Yahya Jammeh is the Terrorist

      By: ousainou Mbenga The APRC (Association of Pigs Rats and Cockroaches) and its chief terrorist, Jammeh are waging a desperate campaign to degrade the December 30, 2015 attempted coup as a “terrorist” attack against his monstrous regime. In this era of “war against terrorism” by the U.S and its allies, Jammeh is expecting the…

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  • unnamed
    Another Gambian/African Vying for Public Office in the ....

       Samba Baldeh is a Gambian born United States citizen resident in Madison Wisconsin. He is a young, educated and a highly enthusiastic Software Engineer who has been dedicated to his community in Madison. He has taken a giant step in running for public office in Madison as a Common Council member for District 17….

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    The Botched 30th December 2014 Coup and the likely ....

      By Papa Kumba Loum As confusion, bewilderment and even disappointment still grip Gambians following the failed 30th December 2014 Coup, all the political parties have now issued statements condemning the coup as it became apparent that it was a disastrous failure and all expressed their disapproval of the use of “unconstitutional means” to remove…

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  • Jammeh_and_arms
    The Serious and dangerous cancer in a Small West Africa ....

      Gambia’s president Yahya Jammeh is a serious and dangerous cancer in Africa that the world don’t know about and it is eating into every aspect of life and into every socio-economic groups. The misery it brings to ordinary Gambians and Africans through his brutalities is unbearable. Today’s Gambian leader is comparable to the African…

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    Full Speech of President Obama’s ‘State of the ....

      Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, Members of Congress, my fellow Americans: We are fifteen years into this new century. Fifteen years that dawned with terror touching our shores; that unfolded with a new generation fighting two long and costly wars; that saw a vicious recession spread across our nation and the world. It has…

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  • Cherno-M.-Njie
    Cherno Njie – A Closer Look

      Cherno Njie was born 57 years ago in Banjul, in the small West African country of The Gambia.  He came to the US some thirty years ago to pursue higher education in order to help his family live a better life and to pursue the American Dream.  He attended Texas Tech University and later…

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  • Matt
    The Gambia: Lessons of Mali, Burkina and lessons for Africa

    By Mathew K Jallow Mali and Burkina Faso symbolize the new philosophical bend of the African Union and ECOWAS; playing catch-up with the popular political sentiments of Africa’s vast, dispirited population. But it is only a beginning, the microcosm of what the rest of Africa’s dictatorships could potentially face, yet it is worth celebrating, but…

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    Amnesty International: Gambia – Charge or release ....

      Statement from Amnesty International of the ‘Mass Arrest in Gambia’ Gambian authorities should either charge or release family members of people suspected to be involved in December’s alleged failed coup, and grant them immediate access to lawyers, Amnesty International said today. According to Amnesty International’s information, Gambian law enforcement agencies including the National Intelligence…

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    The True Profile of Papa Faal?

       A man accused of Violating The “US Neutrality Act”  Judging a man or woman from a single action or decision without a thorough understanding of the context and condition through which that action was taken could amount to a great injustice in who that person’s true character is and what kind of life he…

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    West Africa; It is Haram Not to fight Boko Haram

      By Dr. Samuel B Artley DMD.  FAGD. Our great grandparents, grandparents, most of our parents and some of us today were raised and lived a life stuck in the ways of the dinosaurs; they stood by and watch events unfold. We all know what happened to the dinosaurs; they became extinct. Africa is much…

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