• Matt
    The Gambia: The dangerous interface of propaganda and ....

      By Mathew K Jallow Propaganda has the capacity to yield subliminal, Pavlovian responses, which defy reason. As a tool of mental and intellectual repression, the intent is to freeze, and even deny, the concept of independent thinking for the safer imagination deficit and idea free subjective reasoning. A scrutiny of African dictatorships finds uncanny…

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  • Sukuta Elders 2
    The Deliverable Constituency

                        By Karamba Touray The largest constituency in The Gambia has always been the one opposed to the regime of Yahya Jammeh. This is not an opinion but a statement of fact as shown in the last measure of his standing with The Gambian people in…

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  • shupelle-rattim-gunter-jpg
    Re: The Late Seydou Ba’s Murder Suspect Apprehended.

      By YJ http://www.wbaltv.com/news/arrest-made-in-millersville-homicide/29859744 “Police said witnesses and evidence helped lead them to Gunter. Detectives found him Thursday and said he admitted during an interview to shooting the victim” (Wbaltv, Culled from the web, 11/22/2014). Here are some interesting developments. One Shupelle Gunter, Baltimore, has been apprehended in the murder of Seydou Ba, a Senegalese…

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  • images (1)
    Gambia: Aggravated Homosexuality Offence Carries Life ....

                      AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL PRESS STATEMENT: Gambia’s recent passage of a homophobic law puts the already persecuted lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) community at even greater risk of abuse, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch said today. The new crime of “aggravated homosexuality,” which carries punishments…

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  • 10354158_10152663226491257_192333927324484343_n
    Arrest Warrant for Dr. Janneh is designed to intimidate and ....

      Terrified of the activities of the former minister of information and Gambian dissidents who have made their intentions clear to end impunity in the Gambia; the Jammeh government rushed to issue an indictment and an arrest warrant for Dr. Amadou Scattred Janneh for distributing T-shirts in Senegal.  Dr. Janneh and colleagues were in Senegal…

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  • images (2)
    Holding the National Assembly to Account

      ‘Our National Budget is Our Sovereignty that must be Guarded, Jealously!’ Intro In 1920, EF Small, our Father of Independence shouted ‘No taxation without representation’. By then Gambians do not vote for a government because we had the abominable colonialists sitting on our heads and milking us like cows without mercy or conscience. Our…

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  • images (1)
    Redefining Africa: What people need to know about African ....

      By Baba G. Jallow When Creighton University’s African Students Association (AFSA) approached me to give a guest lecture at their annual banquet on the topic “Redefining Africa”, I knew exactly where they were coming from. However, I still asked them what they had in mind: Well, they said, we just want people to move…

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  • Seydou1
    Obituary: The Late Seydou Ba

     Obituary: The Late Seydou Ba By Yero Jallow I was alerted to the death of Mr. Seydou Ba, a Senegalese national, whom I happen to know from early 2000. Seydou was my neighbor in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Seydou was in his mid-forties. According the news report (Source: http://www.wbaltv.com/news/mans-body-discovered-monday-in-car-in-millersville/29772530), Seydou was found in his car and pronounced…

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  • Hon.-Ousman-Bah-representative-of-Sabah-Sanjal-Constituency.
    Gambian Parliamentarians living up to expectations as the ....

      ‘Aproves 85 Million Dalasis Wasteful Spending  for July 22nd Celebrations’   In July 2014 we authored a piece branding Gambia’s House of Parliament as the most  embarrassing Institution in the nation. The premise of our argument was that the  legislative body has been consistently used by President Jammeh to pass laws that  defies common…

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  • download-22
    Court to Decide on Bail Application for Former S.G Sabally

      Justice Emmanuel Amadi is expected to deliver a ruling on an application for bail submitted by the defence and objected to by the prosecution on Tuesday, 25th November, 2014 concerning Mr. Momodou Sabally, the former Secretary General and Head of the Civil Service and Minister for Presidential affairs. This proceeding took place on Monday, 17th…

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  • Michel-Kafando-Interim-President-of-Burkina-Faso
    U.S. Congratulates Burkina Faso for Progress toward ....

      Press Statement Jeff Rathke Director, Bureau of Public Affairs, Office of Press Relations Washington, DC November 18, 2014 The United States congratulates the people of Burkina Faso and their leaders on the signing of a charter that will guide the transition to a democratically elected government. We congratulate Michel Kafando on being sworn in…

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  • 00160155-b248a6f7715e8fb6d2875b071dcce585-arc614x376-w290-us1
    Gambia must stop wave of homophobic arrests and torture

        AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL PRESS RELEASE 18 November 2014 Gambia must stop wave of homophobic arrests and torture   The arrest, detention and torture of eight people since the beginning of the month as part of a crackdown on “homosexuality” by the Gambian authorities reveals the shocking scale of state-sponsored homophobia, Amnesty International said. “These…

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  • mahathir-koran-300
    Former Malaysian Prime Minister calls for Islamic Debate on ....

    ‘The need to restudy the sacred texts’   KUALA LUMPUR: Former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad today called for debate among Muslim thinkers so that they might come up with interpretations of the Quran to meet the challenges of the times. Speaking at an international conference of Muslim intellectuals promoted as the Kuala Lumpur Summit, he…

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  • download (1)
    Yahya: A Big Tree That Must Be Cut Down For New Project!

         Indisputable! By Burama Jammeh The remaining questions: How do we chop down the tree? When do we chop down the big tree – before the start of new project or at the end or somewhere in-between?  The answers to these questions are not simply what we wish but what we could, what’s feasible…

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  • images (1)
    Fatou Jaw Manneh Goes to Oslo

    By Foday Samateh   “When I arrived in Gambia, I was greeted by some plainclothes secret service personnel at the airport. “You are Fatou Jaw Manneh?” they asked. “Yes,” I answered. “Come with us,” they said. My brother was there to pick me up. “Where are you taking her?” he asked. “We cannot tell you.” Seeing…

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  • 10734227_944685802211658_2948748212615917809_n
    The Gambia: Lessons of Mali, lessons of Burkina and lessons ....

    By Mathew K Jallow Mali and Burkina Faso symbolize the new philosophical bend of the African Union and ECOWAS; playing catch-up with the popular political sentiments of Africa’s vast, dispirited population. But it is only a beginning, the microcosm of what the rest of Africa’s dictatorships could potentially face, yet it is worth celebrating, but…

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    G20 leaders must announce and deliver on concrete actions ....

    Leaders of the G20 states gathering this week-end in Australia must act immediately to ensure all the personnel, equipment and funding required to halt the Ebola outbreak are made available without any discrimination, a number of leading  international non-governmental organisations said today. Amnesty International, Oxfam International, Plan International, Save the Children and WaterAid are collectively…

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  • download (3)
    Collaboration or Unity?

      By Abdul Savage Some proponents of collaboration among these diasporan entities have submitted, in their arguments that all roads must lead to Banjul. On the surface, such submission might appear like a compelling case, but upon thorough examination, such a proposition has cracks all over it. For starters, on what roads that must lead…

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  • download (1)
    A Case for Unity of Action

      By Abdul Savage If you have dis-jointed, dis-united, un-synchronizing, un-workable, fragmented parts, chances are the Vehicle carrying the payload of change would experience and encounter breakdowns, catastrophic breakdowns that could jeopardize the entire mission. Is that the route and methodology so chosen and or selected by the hypocritical powers that be? I am going…

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  • karim-wade8485
    Senegal ex-president’s son paid £127 Million into ....

    Monaco authorities co-operating with Senegalese prosecution of Karim Wade for alleged illicit enrichment. The son of Senegal’s former president deposited more than £127m at a bank inMonaco while his father was in office, it has emerged. Authorities in Monaco said Karim Wade placed the money in accounts at the Julius Baer bank between 2002 and…

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  • amadou_samba-d
    Editorial: Dr. Amadou Samba is on the wrong side of history ....

      The Amadou Samba Sidia Bayo incident in Dakar over the weekend is still playing out in the media. The latest update from Senegal is that the Senegalese authorities have taken the matter into their hands and are investigating the incident. Whatever may have happened on that day that led to the altercation and possible…

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