• Comanding Dictator
    Jammeh enablers and struggle enablers! Who is who?

      By Bamba Sering Mass (UK) The term enabler is as according to the Oxford Dictionary: A noun and it means: A person or thing that makes something possible: PART ONE Now how can we as people make things possible? People throughout the ages enable things happening by not necessarily being visibly playing active roles. …

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  • Musa Jeng2
    State Power will concede to People’s Power

      President Jammeh has been making pronouncements that he cannot be removed from power through elections, and if he wants he will remain in the presidency for the next billion years, and this is usually in reaction to perceived adversaries in the Diaspora and at home. Maybe, not necessarily link with Jammeh’s pronouncements, a good…

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  • mathew(9)(29)[1]228201304436
    The Gambia: Three years on, nine Mile Two Prison ....

    By Mathew K Jallow On the third anniversary of the heinous Mile Two Prison executions, Gambians solemnly remember one of the most the tragic days in the Gambia’s history. The oldest inmate, Lamin Darboe, had his death sentence commuted to a life in prison years earlier by former President Dawda K Jawara. The youngest, Buba…

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  • Travel Bans on Jammeh
    UK protesters renew call for travel ban on Jammeh and ....

        Travel Bans on Jammeh photo credit Samuel Correa By Bubacarr Sowe for American Street News reporting from London, UK   Gambian pro-democracy activists in UK on Saturday gathered in front of the British Prime Minister’s office, renewing their call on both his government and the European Union to impose a travel ban on President…

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  • Yahya-Jammeh_2468947k
    President Jammeh:  Allow the Best and the Brightest to ....

      Gambia lacks everything but brilliant intelligent citizens who are not only bright but resourceful in every capacity. The tiny West African nation may lack mineral resources such as oil, gold, Diamonds or Iron Ore, but the nation is blessed with a Human Resource that is a treasure for any young nation to have. Every…

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  • bee
    August 2015 Poems

        August 2015 Poems   Truce There! The White flag again survived Because the long waited truce arrived Our warriors’ swords long contrived And our warmth hearts and minds revived.   From the scary night fiery battle To the sweet and white laughing rattle With hugs in queues like grazing cattle In the rich…

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  • 11891272_1114376678575902_8333546000037461390_n
    O.J Jallow Tells Sons & Daughters of the first ....

      Hon Omar Amadou Jallow Alias OJ leader of the Peoples Progress Party (PPP) and former minister of Agriculture in the first Republic has challenged sons and daughters of the first Republic to “defend the legacy of their parents”. Mr. Jallow was speaking from Banjul during an interview with Gainako Radio when he called upon…

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  • _59646048_guinea_bissau_parly_afpg
    Political Agreement reached in Guinea between Ruling and ....

    Statement from the US State Department on political agreement in Guinea Bissau We commend the agreement reached between Guinea’s ruling and opposition political parties, which clears the way for Guinea to hold the first round of presidential elections on October 11. The Government of Guinea and the main opposition political parties demonstrated goodwill, flexibility, and…

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  • Omar Bah - Author of Africa's Hell on Earth
    ‘Caught in the middle’: Journalists seeking asylum ....

          By Allison Griner for Columbia Journalism Review AUGUST 17, 2015 Mexican journalist Ricardo Chávez Aldana was leaving his home, his job, and his country behind as he hurried across the border into El Paso, Texas in December 2009. Chávez had been covering drug cartels and corruption for Radio Cañón in Ciudad Juárez, and he believed…

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  • 11750670_10207343145847841_229630115965009761_n
    Gambian Media Haunted by its History

      ‘The African Angle’ By Sanna Camara Independent media is the Gambian population’s last bastion of defense against tyranny and suppression. This form of media first developed after in 1888, after the European division of the kingdoms of the coastal West African region. It was designed to give a voice to a group of people,…

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  • images
    The Gambia: What the US and EU need to know about the Yahya ....

      By Mathew K Jallow A Diasporium newspaper article, which extensively quotes former dissident movement member, Samsudeen Sarr’s rambling denial of National Security Adviser, Susan Rice’s statement on the terrible human rights violations in the Gambia, blew my mind with its irrational analogies, disputations and fabrications. It is hopeless, even needless, to argue with someone…

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  • download
    Former Finance Minister Mamburary Njie has left the Gambia

    Gainako has confirmed that former Finance Minister Mr. Mamburay Njie has indeed left Gambia for neighboring Senegal. Mr. Njie was one time Jammeh’s closest confidant and has served his government in several capacities. The former minister was prosecuted for abuse of office  and negligence after falling apart with the Jammeh regime. After several months of…

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  • 10th November 1945:  Black American writer civil rights campaigner and delegate at the Pan-African Congress Doctor W E Dubois. Original Publication: Picture Post - 3024 - Africa Speaks In Manchester - pub. 1945  (Photo by John Deakin/Picture Post/Getty Images)
    The Pan-African Congress in black and white

    African politics meets journalism meets high art at an exhibition at Rivington Place in Shoreditch: “The Fifth Pan-African Congress”. The main display, of black-and-white photos by John Deakin (curated by Mark Sealy of Autograph), fills the ground-floor space at the David-Adjaye-designed centre for visual art in the City. It relies as much on writing as it does on images: right from the…

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  • guinea-bissau-s-prime-minister-domingos-simoes-pereira-has-formed-coalition-bring-stability-photo-dp-
    US deeply concerned about New Political Crisis in Guinea ....

    Guinea-Bissau President Vaz’s Dismissal of the Prime Minister Press Statement John Kirby Department Spokesperson Washington, DC August 13, 2015 With the dismissal of the Prime Minister, Guinea-Bissau faces its first governing crisis since the free and fair elections of 2014. We call on leaders to seek dialogue and consensus in resolving this crisis in a…

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  • download
    Crisis as Guinea-Bissau president, prime minister fight and ....

      The US sees the country as a “narco-state” and several senior military officials have been charged with drug trafficking. THE troubled west African nation of Guinea-Bissau was plunged into fresh political turmoil Thursday after the president sacked the government in a row with the prime minister. The move came after President Jose Mario Vaz…

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  • 1926830_10152466557682472_2439837696567025785_n
    Family Members of Missing Gambian-American Citizens respond ....

      Family Members of the TWO MISSING US CITIZENS, RESPOND TO FIRST STATEMENT FROM THE GAMBIA GOVERNMENT ISSUED BY A GAMBIAN DIPLOMAT MR SAMSUDEEN SARR USA – August 11, 2015 – We the family members of the two missing Gambian US Citizens wish to issue this press release in response to recent statements made by a…

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  • alagie_sisay-d
    CPJ calls on the Gambia to free journalist, drop charges ....

      The Committee to Protect Journalists writes a letter to Gambian President Yahya Jammeh to express its concern about a journalist who has been held by the National Intelligence Agency since July 17. Alagie Abdoulie Ceesay, manager of the independent radio station Taranga FM, has been charged with “seditious intention” and has been refused bail….

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  • download (2)
    The Gambia: The Character Stain, Dishonor and Amateurism of ....

    By Mathew K Jallow It is beneath me to devote a second of my time to these Yahya Jammeh apologist characters, and this is a one-off. To begin with, this is one more of the shocking denials of the ubiquitous, and by definition, the obvious; and comes with a very steep price in personal character…

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  • download (1)
    Presidential Pardon: What next for Gambia

      It was the end of Ramadan, the Holiest of months in Islam. But in The Gambia, while Muslims were going about their celebrations, President Yahya Jammeh had vowed to strike again. An eye will be paid for an eye, he mused. The whole country had been gripped by fear, expecting another batch of executions….

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  • download
    Winning By All Means Necessary, Utilizing the best Approach

      Ending oppression and liberating people from tyranny is not an easy endeavor. The challenges and obstacles are numerous and seem to be never ending. There are discouraging moments that signal quitting but because of the commitment and desire to create a just society, the willing stay the course and never stray from the legacies…

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  • gco1
    Atlanta Gambia Christian Organization set to Celebrate Sang ....

                        The Atlanta Gambia Christian Organization is set, yet again to celebrate the feast of the assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, known in The Gambia as Sang Marie. Sang Marie is the biggest feast in the Catholic Diocese of Banjul given the Blessed Virgin is…

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