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    Melting the Element of Fear in the Gambia

    By: Ousainou Mbenga In his tucked – tail retreat from travelling outside the Gambia and his cowardly movements between Kanilai and Banjul under heavy armor and the senseless military check points, Jammeh is given a taste of his own medicine of “living in fear”; thanks to the December 30, 2014 attack on the State House….

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    Prisoners’ March: Where does the truth lies?

      Prisoners’ March: Where does the truth lies? “A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer; it sings because it has a song” (Maya Angelou, Poet, Educator, Activist). I know. There are times when the real truth is neither the whole truth nor the public truth. The type of image pretention and political hypocrisy…

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    Travesty of Justice: Gambia Court of Appeal took 5 minutes ....

          Pic: Google images   ‘Justice Delayed amounts to Justice Denied’ Shocking is an understatement; the Gambia court of appeal presided over by Justice Edrisa Mbye, Justice Awa Bah and Justice Naceesay Sallah-Wadda today took less than 10 minutes to dismiss a high profile political appeal case filed by UDP’s Amadou Sanneh. Mr. Sanneh’s…

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    Beneath the dignity of legislative representation & ....

    Gambian NAMs call urgent praise singing session as Jammeh secretly signs Bill By Dbanjulist On 29th July – The Gambia’s National Assembly Members (NAM) met to convene a special session specifically to heap praises on The President of the Republic of The Gambia, Yahya Jammeh for his recent pardon of at least 200 prisoners. The majority APRC (Jammeh’s…

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    Gambia President Pardoned Prisoners liable to Arrest

       By Sarjo Bayang Picks the Message From the lips of Interior Minister Ousman Sonko all pardoned prisoners are under close watch and liable to arrest. Recently pardoned prisoners by presidential prerogative of mercy could no longer smile with hope of absolute relief. They are subject to arrest any time sooner and bound over peace…

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  • HE Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, Chairperson of the Africa Union Commission,
    Open Letter to Chairperson of Africa Union Commission

      H.E.  Dr Nkoszana Dlamini-Zuma Chairperson, Africa Union Commission Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA    Dear Dr. Dlamini-Zuma, There is a discernible shift in attitude among ordinary citizens across our continent, specifically concerning the current state of African governance that relates to the new trend employed by some African Heads of States, of changing the rules midstream,…

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    PDOIS statement on the ‘prisoner pardons’

    ENLARGING CIVIL LIBERTIES THROUGH PRISONER RELEASE SHOULD BE ACCOMPANIED BY ENLARGEMENT OF POLITICAL RIGHTS THROUGH ELECTORAL REFORM When the PDOIS leadership issued a clarion call for a mass release of detainees before the APRC commemoration of the 21st anniversary of the coup, we were simply articulating the sovereign wishes of family members whose incarcerated loved…

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    President Obama Goes To Kenya, A Champion For Africa

      Analysis 24 July 2014 By Bernadette Paolo In July of 2009, Barack Obama delivered his first speech as President in Ghana calling for change in Africa. Many African countries sought that initial visit from the new American leader, in particular Kenya. It turns out that President Obama’s timing for going to Kenya now, six…

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    Opportunity or Peril; Gambia at Crossroads

      By Karamba Touray The legal , active and registered opposition political parties in the Gambia individually and in the aggregate have reached a fork on the road and they must make a historic and consequential decision that will result in either an opportunity for the Gambian people to renew their faith in democracy by…

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    US State Department: Release of Pardoned Prisoners and ....

        Press Releases: Release of Pardoned Prisoners and Disappearance of Gambian Journalist 07/28/2015 10:20 AM EDT Press Statement John Kirby Department Spokesperson Washington, DC July 28, 2015 The United States notes President Jammeh’s decision to pardon and release at least 200 prisoners and welcomes, in particular, his decision to release, after a lengthy period of…

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    Prisoner pardons: Genuine reconciliation or an attempt to ....

      As the dust settles from Gambian president Yahya Jammeh’s abrupt “Prisoner pardon” on July 22nd 21st anniversary, and without any likely further explanation from the President on the rationale behind the unprecedented move, it is becoming clearer that there is more to the story than a genuine repentant leader rediscovering his faith 21 years…

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  • ggg
    OpEd: The Gambia: No yet freedom

      Mathew K Jallow It was a week of surprises, cheers, laughs, smiles, hugs, kisses, tears of sadness and tears of joy; all in one hell of a family reunion. Prisoners who had languished in dreary prison cells for years were finally set loose from the dungeon of death, Mile 2 Prison, to a waiting…

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  • GCC-Logo
    GCC rejects amnesty as ridiculous; calls for release of all ....

      On July 23rd, 2015, Gambia’s Yahya Jammeh began releasing prisoners from some of the worst prisons in Africa. On the same day, President Barack Obama left Washington, DC. for second trip to Africa as president of the United States. Yahya Jammeh, has long time been on the radar of western governments and institution unhappy…

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    DUGA Welcomes release of Prisoners; Rejects Amnesty to ....

      DUGA wholeheartedly welcomes the release of detainees from Gambian prisons and detention centers.  Despite the fact that many are innocent and committed no offense to warrant detention, we celebrate with them and their family members on their reunions, and escape from the deplorable conditions they were subjected to while in custody. We hope that…

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    The Despot’s Amnesty

    The Despot’s Amnesty By Fatou Jaw Manneh   The despot of The Gambia Yahya Jammeh was at his old tricks once again. He pardoned “prisoners” and gave amnesty to dissidents on the occasion of the 21st anniversary celebration of his coup, and the reaction was predictable. But should we be celebrating? On what grounds really?…

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    The economics and the politics of the prisoner release

      The Gambia is on the brink of a financial meltdown. Thanks to the inappropriate policies of a dictatorship that is known more for its incompetence and high level corruption than prudent management of Gambia’s fiscal and monetary affairs. The country’s import cover is estimated at less than two months cover which spells hardship for…

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    Gambian President Jammeh Released 234 Prisoners

      By Solo The President of the Gambia Yahya Jammeh has today Friday 24th July implemented his promise to release various categories of convicts by Friday 24th 2015. According to the state owned GRTS over 227 prisoners have been freed today. Among the many prisoners released are detainees who are illegally held incommunicado for long periods…

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    Gambia: Prisoner release should include all those detained ....

      AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL 24 July 2015 Gambia: Prisoner release should include all those detained for expressing dissent The release of at least 200 prisoners is a welcome step forward for human rights in Gambia, but should go further to release other prisoners of conscience still detained in the country , Amnesty International said today.President Yahya…

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    CPJ: Will Obama’s visit boost hopes for press freedom ....

      Mission Journal: Sue Valentine/CPJ Africa Program Coordinator President Barack Obama is expected to address a range of topics when he arrives in Kenya tomorrow. The Kenyan government says it plans to discuss security and trade, while opposition parties and civil society want good governance and human rights added to the agenda, according to news…

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    The Gambia: Amnesty for what; no thank you for overdue ....

      By Mathew K Jallow A big part of the miracle of change occurs by the forces of nature; sometimes with human influence, but more often; not. It is dynamic, imperceptible and mostly irreversible; with a capacity to draw human instincts to respond to changing circumstances. In political terms, Gambia and Gambians have reached a…

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    The Warped Opinion of Andrew Rice on the Coup Attempt in ....

          The Warped Opinion of Andrew Rice on the Coup Attempt in the Gambia By Concerned Citizen The Guardian just published an article on the Dec 30 coup attempt in The Gambia written by Mr. Andrew Rice. Mr. Rice headlines his article thus: The Reckless Plot To Overthrow Africa’s Most Absurd Dictator. At…

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