• Brutal-Dictator-President-Yahya-Jammeh-with-the-Holy-Quran-in-his-hand
    The Final Diplomatic Push to Finish the amateurish Regime ....

      Background His rise to power in this tiny West African State of the Gambia was nothing but an accident in history that no historian or political scientist seem to be able to explain or fit into a political narrative. He had the greatest opportunity of a life time as one of the youngest leaders…

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  • 10858429_625325677577249_7476993182388678559_n
    A Tribute to Amie Joof, a Community Leader, Social Worker, ....

                    The late Yandeh Njie (RIP) President John F. Kennedy said, “A nation reveals itself not only by the men it produces but also by the men it honors, the men it remembers.” I will reverse this and say “ A community reveals itself not only by the…

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  • images-dr tijan sallah
    Is Dr Tijan Sallah Gambia’s Soyinka?

      By Ebrima Baldeh Cabbie, a Latino friend of mine once remarked that there are two things that fascinates her. Guess what, do you know? The answer is literature and science. The discussion was centred on cosmology, ephemeral classicists and magic realism. Of course, the works of Paz, Marquez and Soyinka elongated our chat. Despite…

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    Sait Matty and Two others granted bail

      Sait Matty Jaw, lecturer at the University of The Gambia, and two foreign nationals, Seth Yaw Kandeh and Olufemi Erinle Titus, Nigerian and Ghanaian respectively, were yesterday granted bail by Magistrate Samsideen Conteh of the Banjul Magistrates’ Court. The bail condition was for D5 million with two Gambian nationals one of whom must have…

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  • unnamed
    Libya’s Trillion Dollars found in South Africa

      Former Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gadaffi REUTERS/Desmond BoylanJohannesburg – The South African government and President Jacob Zuma have been caught in the middle of an international wrangle over as much as R2 trillion in US dollars as well as hundreds of tons of gold and at least six million carats of diamonds in assets…

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    Amnesty Joint Statement: 10 Years of Impunity, 10 Years of ....

    Joint Statement The government of Yahya Jammeh continues to spread fear and to exercise extreme intolerance to any form of dissent in Gambia. Human rights defenders, journalists, political opponents, critics of government policy, public officials and citizens face intimidation, harassment, death threats, arbitrary arrests, incarceration, torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment, enforced disappearances…

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    The Gambia we Want?

        By Abdul Savage   Every society and religion in Mankind history, since the existence of man, have recognized and accepted that if someone is privy to, and or a supporter to a criminal or criminal act, such person and or entity MUST be held “accountable”. I believe it is called “accomplice” by smart…

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  • Matt
    The Gambia: Yahya Jammeh’s tribalism and the tyranny of ....

        By Mathew K Jallow (Opinion) As this year’s “meet the voters’ tour” comes to an end, where it all began two weeks ago, one of Yahya Jammeh’s messages around the country has become not only a strikingly familiar refrain, but also the chorus of a sickening drama that exists in his mind. For…

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  • 10628466_10152422704508414_1607898650990864812_n
    Media Chiefs in Gambia Calls for Thorough Investigation ....

      On the tenth anniversary of the assassination of Deyda Hydara, a beloved friend and colleague, heads of The Gambia’s various media houses and colleagues in the media have again expressed concern about the slow pace of developments in getting hold of the culprits and bringing them to justice.They therefore re-echoed their call on the…

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  • images (2)
    Africa and Bedroom Democracy

      Grace Marufu Mugabe is the most influential woman in Zimbabwe now. She’s currently scheming to inherit power from her aging and long-time president. She recently saw former Vice President who fought the liberation war, Cde, Joyce Mujuru, being shown the door. Bulawayo 24 News quoted Mrs Mugabe as saying “I never wanted to do…

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  • 10628466_10152422704508414_1607898650990864812_n
    A Requiem for Deyda Hydara

      By Foday Samateh Even as I write these words, a part of me is still in denial. Ten years on, the wishful in me still clings to a chimera. I do so because the ghoulish reality of December 16, 2004, sends me in bouts of disillusionment to the borders of derangement. The assassination of Deyda…

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  • Deyda-and-Maria
    Deyda Hydara: Ten Years of Impunity

      By D. A. Jawo   It is ten years today since still unknown assassins shot and killed Deyda Hydara while he was driving home from work, at the very edge of the perimeter fence of the paramilitary barracks along the busy Serekunda-Banjul highway.  However, despite numerous calls, both locally and internationally for a thorough…

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  • images
    The Pulsating Power of Love

      Mbarodi Gainako hails from Daa nde maayo, a stone throw from Munku Baa-the cosmopolitan city of Yee lam ngalu. Mbarodi, as he is dotingly venerated, is medium in stature with a radiant chocolate skin. He is athletic. His childlike oval Fulani face has striking milky eyes glaringly accentuated by meticulously chiselled cheekbones and a…

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  • deyda_children-d
    A daughter remembers a fallen Father, a Hero and Citizen ....

            BY MARIE HYDARA  Bisimilahi Rahmane Raheemee, Alhamulilahi,  Rabialaamena (In the name of Allah , The  Beneficent , The Merciful, All praises and thanks to Allah) Today marks the 10th Anniversary of the unwarranted and illegitimate killing of a most loved and    loving husband, a very good brother, a supporting and loyal friend,…

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  • download
    Reporters Without Borders: Open letter to Yahya Jammeh: ....

    15 December 2014 GAMBIA Open letter to Yahya Jammeh: Justice for Deyda Hydara Ten years have passed since Reporters Without Borders and Agence France-Presse correspondent Deyda Hydara was shot dead in Banjul on his way home from The Point, the newspaper he helped to found – ten years in which his murderers have not been brought to justice…

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  • falai
    GCC was Blindsided by Defection of One of its members

      To the general Public      It is with regret that the Gambia Consultative Council (GCC) expresses deep disappointment in the  recent defection to the AFPRC of dictator and murderer, Yahya Jammeh, of one of its executives  members, Mr Falai Baldeh, in charge of Protests and Demonstrations. GCC was clearly blindsided by Mr Baldeh’s…

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    The Diaspora Gamble

      By Abdul Savage   You still didn’t get it? These diaspora organizations and many diasporans are betting on a “spark” in the Gambia to trigger a regime change in whatever format or design, be it demonstration, peaceful or whatever means. And then, after that, they will claim credit for such a regime change, and…

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    The Gambia: Yahya Jammeh’s militarizing of the Jolas or ....

    Following the damning revelations on Freedom radio, by Ousman Bojang, a so-called relative of Yahya Jammeh, we revisit a two year old article that warned of Yahya Jammeh’s dangerous tribalism. Mr Bojang’s revelations include concerns about the effort to purge other Gambian tribes in favor of installing the tyranny of the Jola minority. By Mathew K Jallow (first published…

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  • the-gambia-president-Yahya-Jammeh
    Yahya Jammeh: The Gambian Dictator Who Betrayed Kunta Kinteh

    By Aisha Dabo & Jeffrey Smith The Gambia, the smallest country on mainland Africa, has a reputation for being the “Smiling Coast of Africa,” thanks in part to its stunning coastline and abundance of natural beauty. What many outsiders forget, however, is that the country was at the heart of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Gambian…

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  • unnamed
    Coming Clean On Torture Makes America Stronger, Not Weaker

    The soft power of America’s open society has once again come to the rescue of its hard power misadventures, this time by coming clean on the post-9/11 practice of torture. As China and several other countries intensify their crackdown on the Internet and open expression in general, the U.S. offers a lesson: honest criticism fortifies…

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    Youth activist Sait Matty Jaw, others charged and remanded ....

      As a follow up to early unconfirmed reports from Banjul of Sait Matty Jaw and others’ being arrested and detained at the Mile II central prison, Gainako can now officially confirmed that Mr. Jaw a Gambian Social Justice Activist along with one Seth Yaw Kandeh a Ghanaian national and Mr Olufemi Erinli Titus a Nigerian national…

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