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    Seattle Protesters Disrupt Actor Ben Vereen’s Kunta ....

       It was yet another episode for Seattle Gambians who are emerging to make Seattle  Washington  “A No Go Zone” for Gambian dictator and his enablers. This time was a  confrontation with African American comedian, dancer and actor Ben  Vereen  during his preview launching of the “the Kunta Kinteh Island movie at the  Seattle Arts Museum Saturday…

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    The Cartoon Character

      By Baba Galleh Jallow   Hashtag Momla Rekati, Managing Director of Minimal Farms Unlimited was a favorite subject of cartoonists in our little town. Their interest in him was enhanced by the great man himself, who repeatedly proclaimed that he liked caricatures of him because “these nice distortions of my anatomy show who I…

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    Face of Islam

    Face of Islam By Yero Jallow “The word ‘Islam’ means ‘peace.’ The word ‘Muslim’ means ‘one who surrenders to God.’ But the press makes us seem like haters” –Muhammad Ali I was hit hard by Imam Ahmed’s sermon yesterday at the Daral-farooq mosque. His sermon, focused on the late Imam Safi (RA) and his rise…

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    Yahya Jammeh:  From promise to fight Corruption in Gambia ....

      By Demba Baldeh, Commentary His famous words when he accidentally became President in 1994 were accountability, transparency and probity. All he knew at the time was that the nation was discontent with the status quo and was yearning for political change from the founding fathers who overstayed their mandate and somewhat lost sight of…

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    Op-ed: Jammeh’s Amnesty Must Begin at Home (charity ....

    Jammeh’s “Amnesty” Must Begin at Home (“charity begins at home”) Yahya Jammeh never ceases to amuse or amaze. On one hand, he grants “amnesty” to diaspora dissidents and critics but excludes ten others whose names he failed to disclose. It is reminiscent of his “amnesty” to Sir Dawda.” While he welcomed him back, “security” of…

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    Appreciation and Gratitude From The Liberation Fund

                  The Gambia Democracy Fund Committee and family members of the December  30th victims of the violence in The Gambia, wishes to express their  profound  appreciation and gratitude to all brothers, sisters, and sympathizers who  benevolently gave donations towards the fund to assist families and relatives of  our fallen…

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  • UTG
    Calls for Papers: University of the Gambia

      UNIVERSITY OF THE GAMBIA (UTG) School of Arts & Sciences Gambia Literature Day 2015 (Symposium and Exhibition) “Literature for Sustainable Development: Pioneering Women Playwrights” CALLS FOR PAPERS                                                 The University of The Gambia…

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    Hon. Omar A. Jallow (OJ) 50th Independence Interview ....

      By: PPP Media Hon. OJ had a series of Online Radio interviews on Gainako and Freedom radios on the week of February 18th, 2015, to commemorate Gambia’s 50th Independence anniversary. The purpose of the interview blitz was to set the records straight, comparatively, and to give the fitting tribute to our Independence heroes. The…

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    Efforts to Rebuild Post-Jammeh

      By Abdul Savage As much as we are spending time fighting the old, I respectfully submit that we must devote, equally as well, some time to plan to rebuild anew. Now, when democracy and stability are restored in the Gambia, how do we go about rebuilding? Yes, true, we will secure and get international…

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    Why I believe Gambian law makers failed the People

      In 2009, when Gambian law makers passed the Information and Communications (Amendment) Act, they have miserably failed their constituents because this law has and continues to victimize countless innocent citizens in and outside Gambia. The passage of such ill intended law not only is disappointing , but also pitiful, disheartening, backward and dangerous because…

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    More Black Men In The Prison System Today Than Slaves in ....

                  There’s no more soldiers left in the battlefield.  The flags have been burned.  The wounded have been carried away. The terrain has been decimated. The war has been lost.  But, oddly someone still thinks they won. Forty two years of a war. Forty two years of a war…

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    Senegal pledges $500 mln railway to southern Casamance ....

       ZIGUINCHOR, Senegal (Reuters) – Senegal’s President Macky Sall pledged on Thursday to build a $500 million railway linking the capital, Dakar, to the southern Casamance region, cut off for years by insecurity and underinvestment. Currently visiting Casamance, Sall said he planned to offer incentives including tax breaks to tourist operators who invest in the…

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  • thomasi
    Gambian Turns 50

        By Momodou Ndow The idea of fighting for Independence, gaining it, and self-rule sounds pretty  romantic, right? But as Gambia celebrates 50 years of Independence, I’m not  looking at the “romantic” aspect, but the “reality” aspect instead. Where are we  after 50 years? That is the question. Some argue that we should all be…

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    Lawyer Ousainu Darboe 50th Golden Jubilee Message

      18 February 1965 saw the Union Jack lowered and the Gambian flag raised. We became a nation that is called The Gambia. Britain did not believe that Gambia will survive as a nation. For some 18 February 1965 is only significant as a day marking “the birth of an improbable nation”. But here we…

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  • Justice
    Will The Minnesota Federal Courts Deliver Justice? Part 5

    Will The Minnesota Federal Courts Deliver Justice?  Part 5 By Yero Jallow “If one really wishes to know how justice is administered in a country, one does not question the policemen, the lawyers, the judges, or the protected members of the middle class. One goes to the unprotected–those, precisely, who need the law’s protection most!–and…

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    PDOIS Statement after Naitonal Reflections on the 30th ....

      PDOIS STATEMENT AFTER NATIONAL REFLECTIONS                          ON THE 30TH DECEMBER INSURGENCY    15TH FEBRUARY 2015       ISSUED BY HALIFA SALLAH ON BEHALF OF THE CENTRAL                                           COMMITTEE  The Central Committee of PDOIS has had a briefing on all the shades of opinion expressed by the sovereign Gambian people and members of the international community on the 30th…

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    The Gambia Independence Anniversary: the celebration of ....

    By Mathew K Jallow In the short space of little over two and half decades, the clamor for political independence had become a continent-wide movement that significantly altered global politics and the political dynamics between the colonized and colonizers. For post-colonial Africa, it was a revolutionary era that ushered in hopeful signs, which quickly degenerated…

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    The Diaspora Trifecta

      By Abdul Savage FIRST and FOREMOST, let me make a disclaimer here that this author is aware and tracking that currently emotions and sentiments are high, given recent developments. In this background, it will be extremely difficult to set aside emotions and use professional judgment. As such, this piece is presented in the context…

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  • Neneh
    Exclusive: Did Neneh McDoll-Gaye Play a Key role in the ....

      Preview of December 30th, Failed Coup: An investigative reporting It would be an understatement for any Gambian with a sound mind to take the events of December 30th, 2014 lightly. Not only does the event have significant political implications on the nation, but it has cost lives of Gambian citizens and thousands of innocent families…

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    Will The Minnesota Federal Courts Deliver Justice? Part 4

    Will The Minnesota Federal Courts Deliver Justice? Part 4 By Yero Jallow “The invincibility of our cause and the certainty of our final victory are the impenetrable armor of those who consistently uphold their faith in freedom and justice in spite of political persecution” (Nelson Mandela. Culled from the web on 2/15/2015). Part 4…

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    Vision 2016 or Delusion 2016 – Anti-Rice Importation ....

    Vision 2016 or Delusion 2016 – Anti-Rice Importation Policy. By: PPP Media. Dictator Yaya Jammeh is attempting to re-invent the Economic wheel… You are all hereby forewarned! The rob Peter and pay Paul, monkey work and baboon chop economic policies have failed for all to see now. In the last budget speech of 2014, even…

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