About Gambia Parliamentary Newsletter

The Gambia Parliamentary Newsletter (GPN) is a newsletter which showcases the activities of the Gambia’s National Assembly. GPN aims to increase citiens awareness and understanding of Parliamentary proceedings and engagements through publications from journalists that report directly from Parliament.

The GPN platform is managed and produced by reporters and Media practitioners working with various media houses like Gainako Online Newspaper, Foroyaa Newspaper and the Point Newspaper.

Our Newsletters often feature expert publications from Parliamentary experts and show case the efforts of National Assembly members responding to the needs of their electorates. Over the year, GPN has enhanced civic awareness through the publication of articles and editions focused on the Constitution, Anti-Corruption Bill, the Budget, the Constituency Development Fund and the Acute Kidney Injury Outbreak to name a few.

Our aim is to publish Newsletters showcasing the Sixth Legislature’s entire Five Year term.

The “Voice of the Nation” section featured in the back pages canvasses engagements between Parliamentarians and their electorates. This creates a feedback mechanism for Parliamentarians to be informed of concerns and requests of their electorates on a regular basis.

Your invaluable support to the Gambia Parliamentary Newsletter will help us to continue publishing more editions for the entire term of the Sixth Legislature.

GPN – A more responsive National Assembly towards its electorates.

You may download a free electronic copy in the link below. 

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