A New Book: The fall of Babili Mansa Yaya Jammeh – Africa endangered by dictatorships First preface.


Title:  The fall of Babili Mansa Yaya JammehAfrica endangered by dictatorships  First preface.

The political situation of this world where we live no longer requires a fictional novel to criticize the governmental authority. Fiction cannot touch their hearts to quit the presidential chair. It is only the real opinion that frightens them and awakens the people. Imagination and unrealism must be used in other areas, but not in politics. Because it is the tool that nourishes and safeguards the universe. As a result, a political novel needs clarification, denunciation and firmness in order to achieve its ultimate goal that is to educate on good governance of our globe. Only political writers can help the force of the international community to put an end to dictatorships and their greed against people.  Those who vote for them commit disasters. Their presence in government delays economic and social development.The methods used to indirectly designate the dictator or the king who uses absolutism to manipulate his people must be over. Thus, to highlight these words, Jean De La Fontaine’s Fables is an explicit example. He symbolized the Lion instead of the King. Other authors denounce dictators by referring to ancient stories or by masking the persecutor with a pseudonym.  But today, the world has enjoyed freedom of speech, which is a powerful weapon to weaken dictators.

However, it is necessary to write without beating around the bush by denouncing their cruelties and atrocities.  The political writer. Second preface  A book must teach readers to have the taste of reading. A reader can be nothing but an intellectual. Thus, the writer must give him information that can strengthen his general culture. In this case, the reader will not limit himself only to know the fall of the regime of Babili Mansa Yahya Jammeh and the danger of dictatorships in Africa, but also will get the opportunity to anchor in his memory the history of Gambia, Senegambia, the political problems of some African countries and the international community matters herein mentioned. Here, the reader will also get to be more aware of the values and virtues that make a good head of state. Indeed, a novel must not be limited simply to tell the story of a person or a hero without giving a teaching in deep relation with the themes of the book.  The educating writer.

Part one synopsis: The value of man

The world believed that the man would never return to the life of the shepherd and his flock; the former controls the direction and movement of the latter which cannot at all be given the opportunity to react because the animal is a being with no reason and faculty of the mind to acquire certain values.

Man: he is created by the Almighty, with a political status. Moreover, he holds from Allah the sanctification of his decisions in order to be able to lead the world with reason and wisdom. He must therefore be endowed with all values. He must not be deprived of his liberty; otherwise, the values ​​held would hardly have an influence. Even a lack of consideration in the society entrusted to him would negatively impact on his ability to ensure order and to organize.

Second part synopsis: Babili Mansa, derisory cruelty towards his people In The Gambia, a leader, named ‘Babili Mansa’, had, for a long period, obscured the minds and thoughts of his people and of world leaders with the ideology that God empowered him to rule over the country the same way He entrusted the prophets with a mission, holding divine perfection.

Third part synopsis: The leadership of the universe is at risk Due to globalization, we now live in a world where all interests should be interconnected; countries should establish dialogues for a calm and serene world. We must transcend certain individual ideologies that could provoke disputes among countries or continents.Hatred and revenge are destabilizing the universe. All the leaders of the world should unite their hearts and minds for a better and winning world..

Fourth part synopsis: ‘Babili Mansa’ , the atrocity as a lever to stay in power The country had gone astray, knowledge was stuck, investors and fundraisers were scared to enter the country to expand their businesses. The authority was totally drifting.He put the country in a suicidal situation, monopolizing the economy by blocking the businesses of economic operators who could no longer import goods easily……

Fifth part synopsis: A crazy restructuring of the Gambian economy The local currency (Dalasi) lost all its value because he took decisions, at his discretion, on the exchange rates of foreign currencies, imposing on financial institutions rules and measures which were not accurate with the system of the world market. Experts in the economic field hardly dared deny his inability to sustain and develop the economy of the country. Prices of goods skyrocketed and without any control, which led to a financial asphyxia. sixth part synopsis:

The fall of Babili Mansa and the lust for power of the African armed forces.  December 1st 2016 is an unforgettable day for ‘Babili Mansa’. This period marks his unexpected fall through the Gambian presidential elections

In Africa, most armed forces are always eyeing the presidential chair, and once they illegally accede to power, the country starts registering acts of tyranny against civilians, with a rapid collapse of the economy. Such rulers can easily diverge at a deadly pace…

He fled almost overnight, emptying the country’s coffers, ransacking the presidential office, which made it very difficult to administer the country now. The files were completely scattered, and the computers destroyed. He passed by Guinea Conakry before landing in Equatorial Guinea where he is currently taking refuge.

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