Mr. Saihou Mballow (New York) Reflects on December 1st 2016; As He Calls for Citizen Reconciliation and Political Tolerance.


Dear Editor,

It is worth noting that the Gambian people stood in the name and principles of democracy on this Day last year December 1st, 2016, where a total number of 317,476 voters cast their votes against a tyrannical and dictatorship, in the person of Yaya AJJ Jammeh.

Now the prospects for the consolidation of democracy in the country will depend on the ability of ‘We the citizens’ to uphold the principles of democratic behavior. Although it is a known fact that various political groups and political parties campaigned against the undemocratic platform of Jammeh’s regime, leading to his removal; this important change wouldn’t have happened without the participation and commitment of the majority of the citizens wishing for a better Gambia.

Finally the most important task ahead is for Gambians to be reconciliatory and show political tolerance to one another in order to earn a successful transition and continuity of democracy. I wish the Gambia and her citizens all the best!

Long live democracy!

Long live Human rights!

Long live The Gambia!

Saihou Mballow,

New York, U.S.A


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