British Philanthropist Katy Roberts Awarded Honourary Citizenship City of Banjul for her charity work in helping Gambian children


PRESS RELEASE Dated: 7th March 2017

On Wednesday 1st March 2017, His Worship the Lord Mayor of Banjul, Alh. Abdoulie Bah, as custodian of the capital city of Banjul, in conjunction with the people of Banjul, felt it was fit and appropriate to confer on Miss Katy Roberts a British National Honourary Citizenship of the City of Banjul. This was awarded in recognition and appreciation of her outstanding and immense contributions to the people of Banjul and surrounding areas.

Miss Katy Roberts from Buckinghamshire in England was conferred honourary citizenship at a ceremony held in the council chambers in Banjul, presided over by Mr. Sandigie Njie, Clerk to the City Council and Public Relations Officer, and the Chief Executive Officer of the Banjul City Council Mr. Mustapha Batchilly.

Mr. Sandigie Njie said that Katy’s hard work and personal sacrifice is instrumental in supporting and working with destitute street children and those suffering great hardship because of personal circumstances in The Gambia. She and her father Chris Roberts founded Child Aid Gambia in 2011, and funded the D300,000.00 Ndangan Water Project which was started in 2011 and completed in July 2014, which meant that the children and their families living at the settlement of Ndangan were now able to drink clean safe drinking water which will greatly improve the health and sanitation of the children and the community as a whole.

During the ceremony Katy was given an illuminated certificate of citizenship signed under the seal and hand of his worship the Lord Mayor of Banjul, Alh. Abdoulie Bah and the Chief Executive Officer of the Banjul City Council Mr. Mustapha Batchilly, who also presented her with a silver key that he said was given because of the friendship that she had showed to the children of this community. He added that the key symbolised that she can have access to any home and family in Banjul as honourary citizen of the capital city. Mr. Batchilly went on to thank Katy Roberts and her father for the philanthropic contribution to Banjul especially mentioning the settlement at Ndangan. He commented that he was born and brought up in Banjul and had lived there most of his life, but like many others did not know where the settlement was until Child Aid Gambia became involved with helping the community. Mr. Batchilly also reiterated the importance of international friendship between Britain and The Gambia, which was particularly fitting given The Gambia’s recent re-entry into the Commonwealth under His Excellency President Adama Barrow.

Katy thanked the people of Banjul for their hospitality, and commented that Banjul felt like a second home. She said that she felt honoured to receive the award and will continue to serve the children of The Gambia through her work for many years to come. END.


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