Breaking News: High Security Alert – America and Great Britain Asked Their Citizens To Get Ready To Leave The Gambia.


By Our Banjul Statehouse Correspondence

Gainako hereby reports that the U.S and British Embassies in Banjul summoned their citizens, to ask them to prepare to leave the Gambia the soonest that they are able. According to highly placed sources, the “diplomatic coded” language is a signal that something major is about to “dawn” in the Gambia.  When asked to clarify, he said, “It means a military strike on Jammeh is inevitable.” As Barrow’s inauguration (January 19th 2017) Gambia’s situation continues to be tensed and charged as Jammeh who conceded defeat on December 2nd 2016 to Barrow in the Presidential elections now threatens not to leave the power seat; causing the undesired leadership impasse.

Sources further reveal that all servicemen (The NIA, Army, Police, Paras, Fire Service, etc…) of the Gambia are neither allowed to take “leaves/vacations” of absence nor leave the Gambian borders. It is speculative to say that Jammeh wants to use the security apparatus to force his stay in power and to fight any military intervention from ECOWAS.

This reporter can confirm with high authenticity that many Gambians flee and are either in Neighboring Senegal and/or Cassamance out of fear for their safety. Many others who have family members in the isolated rural areas has long since left the Kombos (Greater Banjul area) in an effort to avoid being trapped in the expected military confrontation between Jammeh loyalists and ECOWAS. ECOWAS recently vowed to see Barrow inaugurated on January 19th 2017 and to ensure the verdict of the Gambia people on December 1st 2016 voting is respected.

An Important information is that Jammeh is believed to be using the courts in his favor. January 10th 2017 is a decisive day in the Gambia; as it is when Gambia’s Supreme Court with the help of Jammeh’s mercenary judges believed to be of Nigeria’s decent, are expected to make a major verdict to either nullify the December 1st 2016 election results or to maintain that the IEC was right in its observance. It is not clear the magnitude of Jammeh’s evidence, however many fear that there is “planted evidence” which they will likely present in the courts. As of early this week, it is confirmed that IEC’s competent Chairman, Alieu Momarr Njai, left the Gambia, out of fear for his life. In all the interviews he conducted with mediums worldwide, Mr. Njai maintained that no distortion of the election results will change the verdict of the people. Last week, Coalition’s spokesman, Mr. Halifa Sallah argued in a Press Statement that a petition in court by Jammeh will not stop Barrow’s inauguration on January 19th 2017, and he therefore called on outgoing Jammeh to activate the “transition process” peacefully and without delay.

As we go to press, the Gambia sits on a political egg about to break. In response to the fear and panic nationwide, Gambians all over are engaging in prayers to God, so any feared danger and misfortune of bloodshed and destruction of property can be averted.


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  1. Perpetrators of any eventual bloodshed and destruction are those who want to deny the APRC’s petition to take its constitutional course in our Supreme court. Unless that petition is heard and addressed there is no insight into averting bloodbath. President Jammeh and APRC took to the courts on the announcement, three days after the results, by the IEC Chairman Momar Njie that there were irregularities in the counting process.
    That announcement was sufficient information/evidence to indict and challenge the resluts. And until the supreme court’s verdict is heard, NO Adama Barrow will come to the State House

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