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Better Health Care for Gambia (BHFTG) is a nonprofit organization Initiated by Kaddy Barrow McIntyre on July 21st 2017.  Ms. McIntyre is a Gambian like many who want to contribute to the community that gave them the opportunity to realize their dreams. The team’s vision is for patients and their families to experience quality health care services in the Gambia.

Membership to the organization is free and open to all Gambians and non-Gambians who share our vision of quality health care services for patients and their families in The Gambia.. The strength of the organization is the diversity of individual backgrounds and experiences. The Ministry of Health and Social Services, the University of The Gambia School of Medicine, The Gambia Nurses and Midwives Council, The Gambia School of Public Health, The Pharmacy Council and The Gambia Medical and Dental Council are important partners in achieving our goals. The organization aims to serve the people of the Gambia without discrimination.


A quality model healthcare system that is sustainable and efficient

The goal of the organization is to transform the Gambia’s health care system into a quality, efficient and sustainable system. These transformations can be achieved through advocating for the formulation and implementation of health policies geared towards improving the lives of patients and their families.


To create a better and more affordable health care system through effective policy changes geared towards strengthening and modernizing existing structures and service delivery processes.

Policy change should target such areas as hospitalist medicine, preventive medicine, public health, continuous medical education and technology sharing. Health care is very expensive, therefore the BHFTG team plans to engage the Gambia government through the Ministry of Health and  various stake holders in  introducing the concept of a government sponsored health care insurance plan and work towards universal health care system in The Gambia.  The team will also work with the department of Health Services to improve the emergency ambulance service and introduce the concept of emergency telecommunication hotline. Timely intervention is crucial in quality health care delivery service. BHFTG believes that every Gambian has a right to affordable and quality health care.  A healthy nation is a wealthy nation.


Partnership: Healthcare service delivery is a complex process, therefore, the organization will partner with the Ministry of Health, various governmental and non-governmental agencies, international organizations, women’s organizations, youth groups, schools and informal community groups

Community: The Gambian community is an integral part of the success of the organization. There will be an open communication between the organization and the people of the Gambia.

Quality: All programs and projects will undergo quality validation and data will be available to the public

Honesty: Transparency and accountability is the corner stone of the organization. An Independent audit of the organizations activities will be carried out annually and findings will be made available to the public

Non-Discrimination:  We will advocate for non-discrimination of people

Respect: The organization values the abilities, qualities and achievement of every individual.

Diversity:   The organization respect and appreciate individual differences such as , ethnicity,  gender, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, education, religion  etc. 

Sources of Funding:

-Non-Governmental Organizations

– Grants

-Voluntary contribution from members

– Fund raising activities


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