Y’en A Marre launches SeneGambian Project: MBOKA

By Yusef Taylor, @FlexDan_YT
Senegalese youth movement Y’en A Marre is set to launch a Senegambian cultural project ‘Mboka‘ which aims to “create a real synergy, and unshakable dynamic” between The Gambia and Senegal. Members of the movement will travel to The Gambia this week to meet with civil society, citizen movements and local authorities.
“This mission is the first step of the project of citizen and cultural exchange between Gambia and Senegal. On the one hand, we want to consolidate SeneGambian relationship. On the other hand, we want to create reference spaces in promoting Senegambian culture, as well as the observatory of good governance, in the subregion.
[The] trip will be the opportunity to meet potential partners and discuss about the details of the project, in order to see how we can manage and organise it” says Maimouna Ndaiye, project manager of the movement.
Below is a photo gallery of Y’en a Marre and Gambian activists at a Pro-Democracy Civil Society conference held in Dakar in June 2016. #Mboka #SeneGambia


Mboka Project concept note reads;

“Between  2013  and  2017,  this movement has made a lot of commitments by joining the Gambian diaspora in its fight against the dictatorship of former President Yahya Jammeh.
In order to accomplish what they wish, the project proposes the establishment of Mboka spaces in [The] Gambia and Senegal. Mboka, which means “relatives”, reflects the citizenship of those two countries to one and the same nation. It shows a real kinship fulfilled by sympathy.
Those areas will be designed as places for the promotion of active citizenship, freedom of citizens’expression, as well as observatories of Senegambian people.
Many activities will be deployed: training for young people, exchanges, valorization and production of Senegambian artwork, places for debates. So many activities to create a real synergy, an unshakable dynamic, built on the Senegambian culture basis.”
According to the movement, the estimated end results of Mboka spaces aim to; promote Senegambian culture, promote the observation of good governance and maintain a peaceful environment.

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