Wisdom and Bai Babu Release Kokoriko [Gambia Nice]

By Omid “Sekou” Wisdom
Wisdom drops Kokorico[Gambia Nice] featuring Bai Babu. [A song encouraging the Gambian people and the Gambian government to stay awake as when the cock crows and work hard to make Gambia nice]
After receiving much publication from major local and international media outlets for condemning the mannerisms in which the deportation of the large number of Gambians from the US and Europe, including the backway boys who barely survived the perilous journey to Europe in search of greener pastures took place, Wisdom has dropped another hit featuring another Gambian superstar Bai Babu entitled Kokorico [Gambia Nice].
A song offering hope in New Gambia, the Gambian way of life, the Gambian nights full of life, praising the Gambians ‘maggas’ or simply great people at home and overseas doing everything to make ‘Gambia Nice’ yet in the same time encouraging the Gambian people and the Gambian government to stay awake as when the cock crows. Stay awake to whatever could make the Gambia a place unfit to live in, reminisce about the last years of 22 years of dictatorship responsible for the backway journey much advised against. Mentions the current static condition of the economy among other ills and calls out the President of the Gambia hand in hand with the Gambian people to continue to work towards the hope that the people have in the collective effort of making The Gambia strong.
All this in a fun and vibrant celebratory delivery, in the spirit of democracy; by Bai Babu and himself. Maintaining that Gambia can surely be nice if we all work towards this common goal. If Gambians like himself can be featured on one of MTV’s outlets, Bai Babu raise the Gambian flag at Bercy and the likes of Jaha Dukureh catch the ears of the former president of the United States Barack Obama, moving him to enact laws against FGM in the US, surely there is nothing the Gambian people cannot do.
Kokorico dropped Fri 30th March 2018 at 5 am as even before the sound of “Kokoricso” were heard around the country to which many fans reacted to with excitement and is currently available on www.soundcloud.com/omidwisdom. Kokorico[Gambia Nice] will be soon available on other major music outlets.

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