Who gets to marry the beautiful village girl?


df8ade2cd4c2fd9529de47158f2968c5By Yero Jallow

This one is really funny. Yeteh Bah again I was told. Baldeh Bolong “Tahyor” and Bah Pullo “Gainako”. As can be clearly seen, Baldeh Bolong was the village tailor and Bah Pullo was the shepherd. They were both in love with their professions. The two gentlemen fell in love with the beautiful girl. As soon as both realized that they were all talking to the same girl, they started being jealous and aggressive to one another. Tahyor went to the girl and informed her that Gainako was a mad man who wears tattered clothes and keep talking to animals, bushes, and himself.

The girl hid in the bushes to find out for herself. As soon as Gainako approached where she was hiding, she saw this figure with wet tattered clothes covered with cow dung shouting to animals in the process of rearing them in the meadows. She was convinced of Gainako being a mad man. Gainako in turn informed the girl that Tahyor was a mad man who spoils nice things and a handicap with only one leg.

The girl again visited Tahyor at his workshop and much to her dismay; Tahyor was using only one leg with his machine to sew and kept on using his scissors to cut clothes to all small pieces. She was convinced that Tahyor was equally a handicap. The girl would neither marry Gainako nor Tahyor because they both couldn’t qualify as a result of the damages they both sustained.  The two gentlemen both lost.

Moral Lesson: The flaw you see in other people may be present in you! 

This is entirely for humor and please feel free to share your thoughts.

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