“Where is the second suspect?” says late Kebba Secka’s family


By Yusef Taylor, @FlexDan_YT


Yusupha Njie, a family representative of Kebba Secka, killed by Police Officers on 7th July 2019 made startling revelations at Team Gom Sa Bopa’s press conference on Police brutality. Mr. Njie was adamant that two suspects were involved in his brother Kebba’s death. He believes there is a cover up on the identity of the second suspect.

A press release from the Gambian Police stated that Kebba Secka was stabbed with a knife by Police Officer Lamin Trawally, at Palma Rima Junction. Responding to questions if the authorities have extended condolences since Kebba’s death, Yusupha professed that “nyaka falleh nyaka woi”, meaning pay no attention and receive no applause.

“The only authority that we’ve engaged was the PRO of the Police Force”. Yusupha Njie

Team Gom Sa Bopa Press Conference

Allegations of Misinformation

According to Yusupha the only authority they’ve managed to engage, Police PRO Lamin Njie was intentionally misinforming him. Detailing his interaction with the PRO, Yusupha claimed that Lamin Njie informed him that the first suspect Lamin Trawally will be taken to court on Monday. He was informed of this on a Friday; however, a few hours after his meeting with the PRO, Yusupha received a tip off from a friend that the first suspect had pleaded not guilty in court on the very same Friday.

This has fueled their belief that “it’s a cover-up”. The family are raising questions to know if the second suspect will be charged and are dejected that Lamin Trawally was taken to court without the knowledge of the family. The fact that the media was not present and nobody knows about it further strengthened their belief that “it was a deliberate move by the PRO” who Yusupha challenged, saying “maybe he can clear that”.

Below is a link to an audio excerpt of Yusupha Njie at Team Gom Sa Bopa’s Police brutality press conference.

Police PRO Speaks

When Gainako contacted Police PRO, Lamin Njie on Yusupha’s claims, he acknowledged having met Yusupha in his office, however, he denied giving any date for the court case. According to the PRO he only “informed him [Yusupha] that the case will be brought to court as soon as possible”.

Questioned if family members of the deceased should be notified of court cases he acknowledged that this should happen and after some exchange offered to facilitate future notifications to the family through the prosecution department. Asked if it was mere coincidence that the court case took place a few hours after he met Yusupha, he explained that “it’s not like I was deliberately misinforming him court cases are taken care of by another department”.

Kebba Secka fondly known as “Daddy Boston”

Where is the second assailant?

During the press conference Yusupha highlighted the family’s “fear that the Police will  use Lamin Trawally as a scapegoat and let the second suspect go free”. He explained that Kebba’s friends were named as initial suspects and had submitted corroborative “statements that there was another suspect besides Lamin Trawaly”.

According to him the second suspect was “of a bigger build and better stature” and that “Lamin Trawally is the one that stabbed and he’s the smaller one but there was the bigger guy and he was the main problem”.

“Where is the second guy we’ve been told he’s been arrested, has he been released, has he been charged, nobody knows.” Yusupha Njie


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