Up coming National Conference plans rolled out by Media Committee


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The media committee helping organized the looming National conference to be held in Raleigh North Carolina has rolled out initial plans and ideas about the conference. Ms. Banka Manneh, and Musa Jeng who are part of the organizing committee on behalf of the host organization Gambia Democratic Action Group (GDAG) based in Raeligh discussed preliminary plans in engaging all Gambians to make it a priority to attend this “National Conference”  The conference as discussed by the committee is designed to bring Gambians of various groups, organizations and individuals under the same roof to discuss about Democracy, governance and political change in the Gambia.

The committee announced that a website will be released in the next few days through which Gambians can contribute to help sponsor the event and read about details of the conference. Please tune in to the radio and listen to the conversation with Musa Jeng and Banka Manneh. One of the committee members Alkali Conteh from Raleigh could not make the interview.


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