Uneasy Walkway


Shadows of Liberty_4.jpgBy Yero Jallow

As I stood to gaze over the distant horizon
down my feet with my immeasurable-large and in charge-shadow
I saw many sky layers seemingly going down
I followed it with energy and hope
thinking I can get to where it touches the ground
and anytime that I covered a distance good enough
The sky horizon layer increases by an equal distance. 
With hope, determination and my grande sized, kick ass shadow
never once did I get discouraged with the furthering horizon
as lonely and disappointing as there were the hurdles
It was to me a chance to get to see the serene angels
thoughtfully up there with the Lord in highness
possibly a chance to carry down the love
to those many chained who yearn to break free.

But this pathway is an uneasy walkway
I have had to deal with the distance
as it just seemed endless
I have had to deal with the hurdles
the many laid by both the feared wild beasts
and the very scary tamed beasts
eventhough it is no retreat no surrender.


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