UDP Youth Leader Solo Sandeng Picked up by NIA Officials


 Mr. Ebrima Solo Sandeng, the Executive Secretary of the UDP youth wing was today Monday December 9th 2013 picked up by the NIA from his house in Serrekunda and taken to their headquarters in Banjul The Gambia. Mr. Sandeng called his colleagues while en route to Banjul with the NIA and spoke to some of them upon his arrival to confirm his custody and location.  A UDP youth delegation then quickly made their way to NIA offices in Banjul but they were told Mr. Sandeng was not held there.  The delegation then decided to go to Police Headquarters in Banjul to report the abduction of their colleague by the NIA. At Police Headquarters they were told the notification needed to be filed in Serrekunda since that was the jurisdiction the abduction occurred.  The delegation drove back to Serrekunda and filed a missing persons report with the police there.

The UDP holds the NIA entirely responsible for Mr. Sandeng’s abduction, their hollow denial notwithstanding, and demand that he be released immediately and unconditionally.  We believe his abduction is a continuation of a harassment scheme hatched by the government and its agents that is directed specifically at the Youth Wing following the successful Youth Forum held two weeks ago in Tanji, Kombo South.  The UDP and The Gambian people will not tolerate the abduction of citizens for gathering lawfully in their own country.  We will insist on and see through our legitimate demand that Mr. Sandeng be released immediately, without condition and unharmed. We ask our fellow citizens for their solidarity and support for these sorts of injustices have befallen on too many of our citizens without regard to party affiliation, gender, ethnic group, socio-economic status, etc.  We are in this together.  As the saying goes, United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

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