UDP Youth Leader Illegally Detained at the NIA Headquarters without explanation


Ebrima_Solo_SandengPress  Release

Members of the United Democratic Party (UDP) youth wing followed up with the case of their missing colleague Mr. Ebrima Solo Sandeng who was abducted by the Gambia’s notorious NIA yesterday December 9 2013.  After filing a report with the police yesterday about the abduction of Mr. Sandeng and realizing that police were not forthright about the matter, the group decided to match to the NIA headquarters and demand the release of Mr. Sandeng.  At the NIA headquarters in Banjul, the delegation made it clear to the officers that they were all willing to be detained as long as Ebrima Solo Sandeng remains in their custody.  They were told by the NIA yesterday that Mr. Sandeng was not in their custody. 

About a dozen of the UDP youth wing members called on the NIA headquarters today December 10, 2013 to make their case to them on Mr. Sandeng.  They were initially told again, just like yesterday, that Mr. Sandeng was not in their custody.  They insisted that he was in NIA custody for they know that to be the fact as revealed to them yesterday and today by the detainee during several conversations with him. The NIA later admitted that he was in their custody and that they were doing their job conducting investigations on Mr. Sandeng.  The youth group in turn told the NIA that it is also their duty as citizens to make sure of the welfare of their esteemed colleague who was not involved in any illegal activity.  The group was promised and assured that Mr. Sandeng will be released either today December 10, 2013 or tomorrowDecember 11 2013 at the latest.  The group took this promise in good faith and wants to wait until tomorrow to see their colleague released in the name of justice.



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