Tourism Minister lambaste Civil Servants obsession over mobiles and laptops at work


By Adama Makasuba

The Minister of Tourism and Culture has admonished what he terms as civil servants obsession with mobile phones and laptops during working hours. While denouncing such attitude among civil servants, he called for change of attitude towards work saying “Gambians must change their attitude towards work in order to develop the country.”

Speaking at a press conference held at the Gambia Hotel School in Kanifing, he said: “we have to do more than what we are supposed to do. You cannot be a civil servant and come to work at 9:00am you start looking at your laptops and mobile phone games and then by 3:00 you disappear and want that government to deliver.”

According to him, the country cannot be developed if people don’t change their attitude towards work, adding “work shouldn’t be about money only but that it should be “how much can an individual give to the country.”

“It is not possible we have to change work ethics.  We have to work for the good of the country, it is not about salary is about how much we can archive to give our country,” he said.

He called for sacrifice among Gambians to developing the country saying “no one will come to develop the country other than Gambians.”

However, he commended staff in his Ministry for their hard work adding he is stern with his staff for the progress of the country. “We owe it to our nation – to do little but we can but the way people work in this country…I can assure you that people need to change,” adding that he do send some of his staff  for national duty without per diems.


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