To All our Readers; A Very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2014






To all our readers and contributors we wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2014.  Thank  you for a wonderful year 2013 and may all your efforts and support be rewarded in good health, blessings  and happiness. We are particularly indebted to our sponsors, contributors and advisers in public and in  private. We cannot be where we are at without your support and contribution. 

 As we enter the New Year 2014, may the Almighty guide us all on the right path with blessings, happiness  and the ability to forgive our fellow brothers and sisters in our lives. May we find the Strength and Wisdom  to stand up for Freedom, Justice, Human Rights and equal treatment for all. May the New Year bring freedom and security to all our fellow citizens around the world. 

To our Gambian brothers and sisters in Banjul and outside, may we have the fortitude and courage to stand up against oppression, injustices and  domination. May the lord instill fear and humility in our leaders he respect our human dignity, freedom and independence. May he turn the in our oppressors to good and give them the courage to fear God and do good towards our citizens.

We once again take this opportunity to thank you all and to pledge as our New Year Resolution to continue our unconditional stance for Freedom, Justice and equality to all our citizens. We will pledge to serve our people without fear, favor and impartiality.



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