The Queen of GRTS Fatou Camara’s Arrest has been confirmed



551795_10151830836406677_608426752_nGainako has confirmed the arrest and detention of Fatou Camara former Director of Press at the State House and current host of the famous Fatou show on GRTS and news broadcaster. Fatou was reportedly picked up from her home by NIA officials and as usual no reasons were given for her arrest and detention.

Fatou was appointed twice as Director of Press at the State House by President Jammeh while she continued to host the famous Fatou’s Show at GRTS. She was also a regular news broadcaster on GRTS. Fatou’s show is reportedly one of the most successful shows on GRTS attracting over 18,000 fans on her Face book page and featuring prominent artists in the Senegambia region. This earned her the nickname – The queen of GRTS since she was the only person who was serving as Director of Press at the State House which is a paid civil service position and at the same time doubled as a contractor on GRTS as a news broadcaster.

Fatou’s arrest is not surprising to many Gambians and even to herself because of the trend and irrational decisions President Jammeh continue to make. By now it should be clear to any conscious Gambian that all are disposable except President Jammeh. Unfortunately, many young, old and talented citizens continue to be in denial of President Jammeh’s determination to victimize every Gambian but himself.

Fatou must have been fully aware of the risk she was operating under just like Njogu Bah, Jorbateh and many others before her. Like many young talented Gambians who fall victim to this regime, Fatou hate her or like her she is full of potentials both as a news broadcaster; Show Host and Public relations person. When she was first appointed as Director of Press at the State House she immediately made arrangements for a meeting between President Jammeh and the private press. A meeting that was long overdue and seen to be customary in any democratic society. Her goal was to try to remake the image of the President and promote understanding and dialogue between the government and the press. No sooner than this meeting was declared a success by citizens did the count down began for her removal. A rude message was sent her way that President Jammeh cannot be reasoned with neither can his battered image be salvage by anyone . She was subsequently fired and redeployed and later recycled again all with her eyes closed to the reality.

Fatou like many others continue to live in denial of the brutality and disregard of President Jammeh and to the extent he is willing to go to control everything. She went to the extend of wagging a war of words with Gambian Diaspora which she was a part of at one time or another. She insulted Diaspora Gambians by calling them names and discrediting the kind of work they do to sustain a living. Despite this unwelcome comments Gambians continue to like her page on Face book and try to engage her. She repeatedly deleted people’s messages she disagrees with on her page.

Sadly, this is yet another lesson Gambians must learn from confirming that President Jammeh is a callous and an irresponsible leader who only cares about himself. If anyone denies this the only evidence you need to look at is the laundry list of people he has betrayed and continue to betray. President Jammeh thinks Gambia belongs to him and therefore everyone else is wrong and unpatriotic but himself. History continue to repeat itself and more citizens will be victims of President Jammeh.


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