The Post Yahya Gambia; Would it be any different from Post Jawara?



downloadimagesCA5P6C0BBy Burama Jammeh

Talking about it would have more meaning had we had/have plan working on that realization. Such plan would dictate the way and manner Yahya is defeated and broader democratic governance is arranged and decentralized.

In the absence of a(the) plan for our struggle, how Yahya falls and who manages that process will largely depend on his successor and not me and you with our wish list. 

I don’t know what will happen. I don’t see what will happen the next minute much more in an hour or day or year. However, I hold the view it can’t be any different from ‘Post Jawara”. That is Yahya overthrew him (Jawara) and rules us based on his desires. I can’t see it anyway different should Yahya fall and not on our terms.

Should he die of natural cause – I would assume some military rule. I would be surprise if the letter of the Constitution is followed, that is VP ascend to the presidency until so-called IEC organize a general election as prescribed by the Constitution.

Falling through an election gives a better chance for pluralistic participation but there are no guarantees the leader would not concentrate power under his/her armpit. In fact our socio-cultures and socio-economics largely encourages such behavior. That was/is partly why both Jawara and Yahya became more powerful than the sovereign people of The Republic of The Gambia.

Falling through a coup definitely mean the coup leader will impose his/her will. In fact s/he is likely to arrogantly ask us to be patience because we’ve let Jawara for 30 years and Yahya 20 and counting. Remember those are some of Yahya’s lazy arguments when he’s desperate.

He will certainly not vaporize in thin. Humans don’t and he will not. I have friends who kept telling me he will not last the year. That was more than a decade ago – Yahya is still here and kicking. The Pharaohs was more brutal than Yahya is every which way (that’s according to biblical literature), yet he last long period before sinking at the bottom of the Red Sea.

So the question I have for all those whoever postulate about post Yahya; what are the assumption(s) of ending Yahya? Knowing all these assumptions could probably give us a base for planning ‘A People Centered’ downing of Yahya and consequently manage the aftermath on our terms. Unless we dictate how Yahya go down we cannot guarantee what we think Gambia should be after him.

There are very good ideas out there! The problem seem to be our inability to get out of our comfort zones to confront our problem as one nation. Surely many efforts were tried but hardly any is truly based on ‘Making Gambia A Functioning Democratic Republic. Certainly it may seem that was the case but almost all trials were to house this effort through a political party and/or groups of political parties. Nothing against political party (ies)! In fact I supported and voted at least once for a party. If I am still in The Gambia I would surely vote for one. Gambia is more concerning to me than my allegiance to a particular leader.

The nature of our problem(s) is(are) beyond the scope of the conventional role(s) political party. Multipartyism by nature seeks divergence of views and in the contrary we seek everyone in opposition to Yahya to support one person is a natural contravention to human nature itself. Fortunately we can ask all including those supporting Yahya to stand with us of the question of our founding as a nation – ‘A Democratic Republic of The Gambia’. Notice that the words ‘Democratic’ and ‘Republic’ in that official name has a meaning never known to the average Gambian. This is the only common reference as citizens of that nation we can truly call upon everyone. Everything else we will likely differ.

To conclude, I want to tell you the reader that these problem(s) will not go away until we solve it. We can choose to remain in our groups of comfort/agreement, or pretend they don’t exist, or in denial of it all, or keep arguing amongst self without a pathway to action point, etc. History will judge us failing a nation that has contributed to the development of her human capital that has gone AWOL in times of her need.

Please let us open the doors of fruitful dialogue that do not focus on how bad is Yahya(that’s known)……but what is the problem, what should be done, what’s the appropriate vehicle(s) and what’s our role. These may seem fundamental but our failure of strategic planning left us disjointed far too long and in the meantime Yahya has climbed from strength to strength.

I will be glad to support whoever want to coordinate this effort. We can cheaply start over the Internet, Skype, telephone, etc. Basically collecting/sharing and compiling with individuals and/or groups who has plans/thoughts/views on the way forward. This will be an interactive process that will log all the good ideas with a view of having a national dialogue to agree on a platform and its vehicle that we will take to Banjul. This in my view will better inform us ‘A Post Yahya Gambia’ because we will be at the table when its happening.

Please share your thoughts, views, suggests, comments, questions, etc.

Burama FL Jammeh

Founder/General Secretary

The People’s Movement for Democratic Gambia

810 844 6040


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