The Cattle in their Rows


GainakoBy Omar Joof

In rows refine like nature
The cattle return from the fields
Their heads in a fine line
The rhythm of their feet baffling
Everyone is kept in the rows

The cattle keep in their rows
Following paths created by habit
The regular thumbing of feet
Moving to and from feeds
Keeping strictly to basic needs
The cattle remain in their rows
Rushing to their sheds
Cows with calves hurrying
Bulls pronouncing commands
All maintain natural roles

The cattle are in their rows
Herdsman protecting from behind
Dog moving up and down the rows
A splendor of dust on the horizon
Moving into security of sheds

The cattle in their rows
After feeding in the fields
Moving back to sheds
The majesty of their cohesion
Beauty of nature at work

By: Omar Joof


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