Stockholm Dialogue Committee Chair Apologizes for Conference Media blackout.


Jainaba BahJainaba Bah was our guest on Gainako Radio explaining the reason for the media blackout which she said was a mistake and unintentional.

Jainaba gave an explicit summary of the two day event running through the different speakers and highlighting the main points of each speaker. She especially delved on Koro Sallah’s speech who was the chief guest speaker describing it as moving to the level of bringing some audience to tears.Jainaba reported that there were some tangible outcomes in the form of strategy documents that came from the workshop of various groups. These contain some practical approaches to help the Gambia struggle against impunity in Gambia. She promise to share these documents with the general public..

Jainaba once again apologize to the general audience and promise to “ensure that the media is invited the next time around including possibly paying for travel expenses” That shows the magnitude of the mistake for failure to ensure that the media is present when such conferences are organized… Stay tuned for more information on the outcome of the Stockholm conference!


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