State House Denies Bribery Scandal but loosely accepts the President Gave out money to others


In a loosely worded statement the President’s office has denied allegations from National Assembly member that the President engaged in bribing National Assembly members. Sanna Jawara UDP National Assembly member for Upper Falladu West claimed that the President sent his aides to hand out physical cash in brown envelopes to National Assembly members. Sanna said he could not in good conscience accept the gifts and could only see the gift as an attempt to bribe members of the National Assembly. Although he declined to name other members, one senior member of the National Assembly and Gambian Journalist Madi Ceesay told FatuNetwork that he indeed received D10,000 ($200) from the President. Mr. Ceesay said he never questioned what the money was for when he received it. Quizzed by Omar Wally of Fatu Network who doesn’t take no for an answer Mr. Ceesay responded angrily that “it was not an obligation for him to ask whey he was given the funds”. It is inconceivable that a senior member of the National Assembly would accept cash donation without questioning it.

In a hasty press statement, the Director of press categorically denied the allegations as an act of bribery. She however acknowledged that the President “Adama Barrow has been supporting and continues to support individuals and groups whenever he can”. The press release below also refuted the President’s statement in a released audio that he is elected as member of the United Democratic party. “The President was elected as an independent coalition candidate”. The statement made emphasis on Hon. Sanna’s claims that NA members queued at the President’s office to collect cash. The statement never denied that the President has give physical cash to member… Below is the press statement which quite frankly is an embarrassment…

RE: National Assembly Member, Sanna Jawara’s Allegations against President Barrow

State House, Banjul, 8th October 2018 – It is with great dismay that to learn of the series of serious unfounded allegations made by Sanna Jawara, a sitting National Assembly member, most notably, that the President ‘’has started paying some parliamentarians D10, 000 each month in envelopes’’. Hon. Jawara went as far as suggesting that some National Assembly Members ‘’physically queue up for monthly handouts’’ from the president – grave claims that he could not substantiate.

The claims were maliciously designed to bring disrepute to the person of the president and the office he occupies. Contrary to what Mr. Jawara stated, without any evidence whatsoever, no National Assembly Member was invited to State House to receive money in return for any favors, including political support. President Adama Barrow has been supporting and continues to support individuals and groups whenever he can. It was in the same spirit that His Excellency, the President donated vehicles to members of the same body to ease mobility and communication constraints with their constituents.

The President was elected as an independent coalition candidate. Thus, rather than politicking, he is occupied with finding solutions and addressing the development needs of the people that overwhelmingly elected him into office. Which is why he succeeded in securing several capital investments that would directly impact the lives of ordinary Gambians and drive them out of poverty, as stated in the National Development Plan 2018-2021.

Moreover, the President’s focus is on the bigger picture of delivering a new Gambia that we could all be proud of; one that would provide a conducive place where all Gambians can realize their full potentials. His vision is to see a country that is anchored on empowered institutions that would guarantee and protect the rights and dignity of all citizens irrespective of their political, ethno-linguistic and religious differences. It is in the same spirit that he constituted a Constitutional Review Commission, among other transformational and institutional reforms, to recreate a Gambia fit for all.


Amie Bojang-Sissoho
Director of Press & Public Relations
Office of the President, State House, Banjul
Tel: +220 9957592
Twitter: @BarrowPresident
Facebook: Barrow PORG


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